Me And My Beloved Depeche Mode T-Shirt

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After a fantastic Depeche Mode Concert in Paris (Stade De France), which I could enjoy with my boyfriend (I really thank you, my love, for the best birthday gift ever), I wanted to sleep in my beloved Depeche Mode t-shirt. Because I didn’t want that it comes to an end. I never thought, that after more then 10 years I could visit another Depeche Mode concert. I was so happy about it, that I can’t keep my hands off the Depeche Mode t-shirt. It was the first time I bought a Depeche Mode t-shirt at the merch-stand at the concert area in Paris and I hope it wasn’t the last time.


A friend of us said: “If you would searching in Wikipedia for the biggest Depeche Mode Fan, you will find a lot of pics of Katy, how she celebrates the band, as the biggest fan ever…” 😆 


And indeed, I think it’s true… 🙄  My boyfriend, he went with me to the concert, although he isn’t such a big fan like me, said it was a pleasure (and maybe quite weird for him) to see me, acting like a teenager. OMG…this concert was so cool!


Me And My Beloved Depeche Mode T-Shirt


My Depeche Mode Story

First of all I would like to tell you more about how I became a Depeche Mode fan.

When I was a young teenager my older brother was always the coolest brother of the world for me and when he wasn’t at home, I always steal his music (sorry brother) and in this age, everything was vinyl and tape. My brother was a big Depeche Mode Fan from the beginning on. He dressed like them and the hairstyle was also quite similar (I think he copied Alan Wilder). The only thing, that he didn’t use was the black eyeliner…

The first song, I’ve ever heard and I really felt in love with, was: “A Question Of Lust” from the Black Celebration Album 1986.


It’s a question of lust
It’s a question of trust
It’s a question of not letting
What we’ve built up
Crumble to dust
It is all of these things and more
That keep us together


What a great song text written by Martin L.Gore and it was followed by many other amazing songs like Blasphemous Rumors, Everything Counts, Shake The Disease, Walking In My Shoes, In Your Room, World In My Eys,… etc. As you see, I can’t stop the list of their hits.

I actually don’t know how old I was exactly, when I heard this song over and over again. But I can remember, that I always had big lovesickness. Even though I didn’t understand what the song text means, but this song touched my heart.

From that day on the fan in me awoke!


Me And My Beloved Depeche Mode T-Shirt  Me And My Beloved Depeche Mode T-Shirt



The History of Depeche Mode

And now….?! For a band that’s been together for, I can’t believe, 37 years, they continue to put out new albums and sell-out world tours. Spirit is the latest album and this album is certainly a result of the world’s political climate. 

They started out as a popish electro band in the end of the 70th and their first album was Speak & Spell, which featured the still popular song “Just Can’t Get Enough”.

After, Vince Clarke left the band and Andy Wilder joined. Martin Gore was now the main song writer. The popularity grew and they were producing an album a year starting with A Broken Frame followed by Construction Time Again which included another big hit “Everything Counts.”

But their biggest early success would come with their 4th album. 1984’s Some Great Reward. The lead single “People Are People would put them on the map in the US Charts. And who can’t forget the seemingly never-ending remix of “Master and Servant”.  😆 

Just when you thought Depeche Mode couldn’t get any darker, they released Black Celebration. It opens remind us that death is everywhere and that we’re all “Flies on the Windscreen”, which is a very hard but cool song. This album also featured one of my fav songs “Here is the house”.


Btw this Album also has my personal favorite Martin Gore love-song: “A Questions of Lust”, as I told you before. I’m very happy that he performs this song and the song  Somebody again on the Global Spirit World Tour in 2017…and still everybody in the stadium (50.000-60.000 fans) can sing these songs with Martin (and me) together….unbelievable!!!


Back to the history…

The success kept on growing with the release of their 1987 album Music For the Masses. The lead single was “Strangelove”.

Depeche Mode were packing arenas and stadiums with screaming teenage girls and boys singing their hits. 1988 the legendary concert in the Pasadena Rose Bowl Stadium is still echoing around and it is nice to see if the whole audience still going crazy, when the first notes of the song “Never Let Me Down” , “Stripped” or “The things You said” sound. I tell you, then it’s time for goose bumps…!!!!


Me And My Beloved Depeche Mode T-Shirt


But the lead and the greatest single of maybe their best album: Violator , was for me “Enjoy the Silence”. Another huge hit for the band was “Personal Jesus”. Martin L. Gore was beginning to break from all synthesizers to explore his guitar skills.

Though the advent of grunge, bands like Depeche Mode were no longer in the main stream (fortunately), but that does not mean their popularity waned. Their 1993 album Songs of Faith and Devotion was a worthy follow-up to Violator and spurred another one of their mega-tours, which was toured about almost 2 years, as I can remember.

After, in my opinion, the too long Devotional Tour, the band experienced some turbulence. Dave Gahan fell into drug addiction and depression which lead to a suicide attempt. Andy Wilder left the band claiming some members were not pulling their weight. We all feared this would be the end of the band, but in 1997, the returned with Ultra, a great album for them trying to find themselves and the band opted not to tour for the sake of Dave’s recovery.

Their next album, Exciter was sadly anything but. (Though “The Dead of Night” is an awesome song.) But the tour that followed showed Dave, Martin and Fletch were still at the top of their game.

Dave Gahan even started writing some songs for the band for Playing the Angel.

Depeche Mode continue to produce albums every few years, followed by huge world tours.


The Future of Depeche Mode ???

After the new Album Spirit I even hope more, that a lot of great albums will follow from my favorite Band. Because, I just can’t get enough… sorry I’m obliged to make the reference.


Me And My Beloved Depeche Mode T-Shirt


Let me end with one sentence to explain, what is Depeche Mode for me:

Is like coming home!!!

Because since more then 30 years they still sing their hits and everybody is screaming and flipping out while singing the songs on the live concerts and many Depeche Mode Parties! Feels like it is the only thing that will last forever!


How is it for you? Do you have a fav music group as well, which you have been following since you were a teenager and do you have a band t-shirt, too? I would really like to speak with you about your memories. Let me know about it and leave a comment!


Reach out and touch faith!!!


PS.: I’m really in love with my Depeche Mode t-shirt … 😉 


Pics of me and my Depeche Mode t-shirt by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Pics of Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn
Text and Styling by Look2ocean


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