8 tips on how you can combat the wanderlust

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At the moment I have wanderlust again. Unfortunately, we can not go 365 days a year on vacation. Therefore, it is important not to fall into self-pity, that’s why we should think about what helps us combat the wanderlust.        Here are my 8 tips on how you can combat the wanderlust!          Feed the travel piggy bank. Very helpful to have a piggy bank to save money for the next trip. Even small amounts are paying off. Be a tourist in your city! This may sound a bit weird, but explore your own country or city. Visit interesting places, cafes and restaurants. A night in another city! Book a nice hotel and make a short city trip together with your friends. Even if it’s only for one night and not so far away. Build your holiday habits into your everyday life! Just get the holiday feeling at home!
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