How to start a weekend in Paris?

Nothing Better Than To Start A Weekend In Paris Above The Roofs Of This City.


Finally the long-awaited weekend in Paris was around the corner. Since November, I was looking forward, like a small child, to this weekend. This trip was a birthday gift of my beloved boy, including tickets of the Depeche Mode concert (Stade De France). I was so excited when it finally started last Thursday with our early flight to Paris and luckily we arrived Paris early enough in the afternoon.


After our arrival at the Orly Airport in Paris we took the Metro and drove to the big train station “Gare Du Nord”. Our apartment, which we rented at Airbnb, was in the 9th district of Paris. It was only a 10 minutes walk from the train station “Gare Du Nord”.


How to start a weekend in Paris?

How to start a weekend in Paris?


The 9th district is one of the  20 arrondissements (neighborhoods) of Paris. Not as famous as other neighborhoods. But it’s a great base to explore Paris and it has its charming romantic side with the typical old houses. 

The 9th is a residential zone, where is also the Opera, the Galeries-Lafayette department store and on the other side the edge of Montmartre with the famous nightlife zone Moulin Rouge. Thus our apartment was located in the middle, which contributes to the fact that we luckily didn’t saw many tourists. Nevertheless, you will find many restaurants, bars and cafes, which tempt you to linger arround for a while. So it was a perfect location to find out how the Parisian lifestyle works.


How to start a weekend in Paris?


So what should you do to start this long-awaited weekend in Paris? There are some nice things you could have done!


But we decided to start relaxed and to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the district, where we lived, which was perfect and really recommendable:


We got a bottle of good French wine to enjoy it on our little balcony with this splendid view. Due to the pics, for sure, you can imagine how beautiful our apartment was. It was a typical old-style apartment with old stucco walls, old creaking wooden floorboards and the typical balcony with the ornately iron grilles in front, including the fantastic view above the rooftops of Paris. Here on the balcony we could perceive the Parisian environment for the first time before we went for a walk and having dinner in one of the delicious restaurants at almost every corner in the streets of Paris.


How to start a weekend in Paris?  How to start a weekend in Paris?

Nothing better then to start a beautiful weekend above the roofs of Paris


This was our first evening and the beginning of our weekend in Paris, which, I think, was already perfect. I can still remember how excited I was to start the next day. Because on the following day, we wanted to visit the interesting and inspiring district of Le Maison and afterwards to end the day under the Eifel Tower with a glass of wine, baguette and cheese. That is exactly what I would like to share next time. So stay curious and looking forward to one of the next articles … 😉






Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photogrphy
Text by Look2ocean

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