The Big Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape

The total-look styling advice on how to dress figure-flattering an A- body shape.


If you could determine, because of my previous article “What Body Shape Are You?”, that you are an A- body shape, then you will get today a few styling advices to optimize your outfits.


I would like to start with the A-Body Shape, because I know many women who have this body shape . This type of figure is characterized by the fact that the lower part of the body is significantly stronger than the upper one. It is a very feminine form and has distinctive curves, which can be accentuated wonderfully. There are some styling tips and tricks on how to balance the strong lower body.


Important is that the volume is shifted in the right place, like at the upper body, shoulder and chest. The waist should accentuate. The upper body should be shortened and the legs should be elongated by moving the waistline slightly upward. The lower body, which is more stronger, should be keeping in discreet colors and no volume should be added. At the upper body you can play with intense colors, patterns and eye-catching details. Of course with the colors which correspond to your color type.


Here are the most important styling advices that you should consider when it comes to choose your outfit:


Styling Advice 1: For blazer, jackets, vests and sweaters

Blazer, jackets or vests shouldn’t end at the widest part of the hips, so that the hip isn’t emphasized. A shorter blazer, jacket or vest solves the problem. The upper body, which is more narrow, is accentuated and the overall appearance looks slightly slimmer.  In addition, now the upper body appears slightly shorter and the legs longer.


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape


Styling Advice 2: Tuck the top into the waistband

A benefit of the A-body shape is the narrow upper body including a wonderful, slim waist. But this is often not emphasized because is covered by blouses, tops or sweaters which are worn over the waistband. However, this can be easily changed. Tuck the top into the waistband.


Der große Stylingtip für die A-Figur


Styling Advice 3: A wide neckline

Especially for the A- body shape is it important to put some highlights on shoulders and décolleté, just to guide the view upwards. With a wider neckline succeeds effortlessly. At this point would be also perfect another addition: a conspicuous necklace or colored details around the neckline, like lace or embroidery. 


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape


Styling Advice 4: Strengthen the shoulder

Let your shoulders appear a little stronger. Wear preferably tops with a neckline that emphasize the horizontal line of your shoulders. These include, for example, boat neckline, Carmen décolleté and complete shoulder-free neckline. But also shoulder-straps, breast pockets give the necessary additional accent on the upper body.


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape


Styling Advice 5: Emphasize the upper arms

Emphasizes your upper arms and use it as a counterweight to your hips. Sleeve with a lot of volume on upper arm and shoulder create exactly that. For example, choose a top with puffed sleeves or draped arm balls. A blazer with shoulder pads is a good option, too. 


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape








Styling Advice 6: A slightly longer skirt or dress

Skirts or dresses shouldn’t  be too short, so that the stronger thighs and knee are covered. The skirt length should end just below the knee. It has the benefit that the legs look immediately narrower.


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape


Styling Advice 7: Less volume at skirts

A voluminous skirt is less flattering for the A-body shape woman.

A simple skirt in A-line cut, which is slightly narrow on the top and from the hips downwards is starts to be slightly wide. It conceals the strong thighs and brings a clear slimming effect down of the silhouette.


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape


Styling Advice 9: Avoid tight and short trousers in any case!

The pants should be slim at the hip and from the hip downwards loosely and straight. As an alternative, a light boot cut trousers are suitable. Short pants in any shape are very unfortunate for you. They let appear your legs shorter and stronger. Unfortunately they looks only suitable on very slender, long legs.


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape


Styling Advice 10: Shoes with heels

Whenever possible wear shoes with heels. This is the easiest way to elongate your legs. Make sure that your shoes don’t have too thin heels, as well as very elegant and thin straps or details. This doesn’t fit into strong legs and shackles, but emphasizes them additionally.


Styling Advice For The A-Bodyshape



I hope that the advices will help you to create a lot of figure-flattering outfits! You can try it on the next shopping tour.

And don’t worry, of course will follow more styling advices of the other body shapes in one of the upcoming articles. I also have planed to show you a whole “Fashion Make Over” at an A- body shape woman. 


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And to come to an end, if you have any questions or want to share your experiences. I´m always happy about your comments.


Till next time,




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    Hi Katy, I adore your styling tips! It is always good to know how to give your outfit a boost when styling it correctly. I love your advice 2! xx Simone


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