5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory

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Have you ever made a wardrobe inventory? No…? At least now, it’s high time to see what forgotten treasures are hidden in your wardrobe. Use the beginning of a new year to make a wardrobe inventory! Do you want to try it? Then I show you my approach to make it a little easier for you.   Step 1: Clean out and sort out Clean out your wardrobe preferably completely empty and then sort out by garments. Make a pile of t-shirts, skirts, trousers, sweaters, jackets, dresses…etc.          Step 2: Try on and evaluate Now start with the first pile. Take each garment and judge it according to the following criteria: Do I like it? Do I wear it often? Is the cut beneficial for my body shape and proportions? Are my benefits emphasized and weaknesses concealed? (Explanation follows in one of the next articles) Does the garment fit perfectly? Is the garment
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