What Is Your Body Shape?

Forget your blemishes and determine you body shape, you have to see the overall image!


It’s unhelpful if you concentrate too much on your alleged blemishes. Whether flab on the hip or dents on the thighs, this is relatively unimportant! It depends on the overall image. This is characterized by the individual interaction of all body parts. In contrast to models, “normal women”, like you and me, have the most diverse proportional displacements: there are women with broad and narrow shoulders, with a larger or smaller bosom, a barely existing or strongly pronounced waist, broad or almost boyish hips, long or short legs – To name only a few body characteristics. The detailed inspection of individual body parts leads to nothing. Re-thinking is the order of the day: not the problem zones decide about your appearance, but your proportions.


Advantageous clothing balances your figure!

Fortunately, proportions can be “adjusted” very well. Fashion offers a variety of optical tricks. Cuts, fabrics, materials, jewelery elements, colors and patterns as well as accessories help you to balance your proportions. And that shows a much greater overall effect on your appearance than any cellulite treatment or every kilo you lose!


These female figure types are common.

To help you estimate your individual proportions, I have compiled five figure types for you. These show very definite proportional displacements, which are very common in the female figure. Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of the following figure types:


  • A- Body Shape
  • V- Body Shape
  • H- Body Shape 
  • X- Body Shape
  • O- Body Shape


A – Body Shape

1. You have a well-defined waist 

2. Your bust and shoulders are proportionally narrower than your hip-line 

3. Your thighs and maybe your butt might be full and rounded 

4. Narrow or sloping shoulders

5. You may have short and/or full/muscular legs 



V- Body Shape

1. Your bust and shoulders are proportionally wider than your hips 

2. Your hips are narrow or at least narrower than your bust and shoulders 

3. You may have slim legs which often comes with this body shape 

4. You might have a flat butt 

5. You project a sporty-athletic physique and your figure looks toppled



H- Body Shape

1. Your bust and shoulders are about the same width as your hip-line 

2. Your body appears sporty-androgynous and has no explicit focus

3. You have little or no waist definition 

4. Your arms and legs are rather long and straight shaped

5. You may have gained weight or given birth



X- Body Shape

1. Your shoulders and hips are in approximately the same width

2. Your waist is very defined and strongly curved

3. Your bosom, the chest area overall and your upper arms are rather lush or strong

4. Your butt, tummy and thighs are round and slightly stronger

5. Your body-focus is divided between the chest and hips



O- Body Shape

1. Your waist looks slightly round and is not defined

2. The flab collect mainly on the waist, abdomen and hip.

3. The narrowest part of your body is not at your waist is, but a little higher, just below the breast in the lower chest area

4. Your body focus is in the middle, at breasts, abdomen, waist and hips

5. Your legs, especially the lower leg and shackles, are slender and rather graceful shape compared to the rest of the body



If you have trouble to find your own body shape, then I’ve created a simple visual guide for an easier determination of your Body shape.



What is Your Body Shape?



I hope you see that no body is perfect!!! Every body shape has its blemish. That’s why your body isn’t more beautiful or more unattractive than others. We just should learn how to emphasize our advantages and to create a balance. If you know your current body shape it’s one of the first steps to looking your best. Now you need a few style guidelines and advices for your body shape.


If you want you can download the PDF of the Body Shape Guideline HERE: Body Shape Guideline Look2ocean


If you are interested and you want to know more, how can you dress yourself advantageously according to you body shape, then stay tuned… !!! I have already prepared the most important style guidelines and tips for every body shape.

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