5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory

Have you ever made a wardrobe inventory?


At least now, it’s high time to see what forgotten treasures are hidden in your wardrobe.

Use the beginning of a new year to make a wardrobe inventory!

Do you want to try it? Then I show you my approach to make it a little easier for you.


Step 1: Clean out and sort out

Clean out your wardrobe preferably completely empty and then sort out by garments. Make a pile of t-shirts, skirts, trousers, sweaters, jackets, dresses…etc.


5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory  5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory  5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory


Step 2: Try on and evaluate

Now start with the first pile. Take each garment and judge it according to the following criteria:

  • Do I like it? Do I wear it often?
  • Is the cut beneficial for my body shape and proportions? Are my benefits emphasized and weaknesses concealed? (Explanation follows in one of the next articles)
  • Does the garment fit perfectly?
  • Is the garment a timeless classic that I can still wear for years?
  • Does the piece correspond to my style and is it contemporary?
  • Is the color flattering to me? (Explanation follows in one of the next articles)

If you are not sure, then put it on and ask yourself if it feels good and comfortable.

If it’s even difficult in front of the mirror, probably the photo trick could be helpful. Take a picture of yourself and compare what looks best. Often, a picture of yourself with a particular skirt on or to see how reflects the color on your skin tone will tell you much better than others.


5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory  5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory


Step 3: Decide

Now you have to make the first decisions.

Pieces that perform well on all or most of the criteria are placed on the “Keep” batch.

For garments that pass through this test, you must separate them. Place these pieces on the “Sort out” batch.


5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory


Schritt 4: Decision Aids

If you are like me, then you certainly have some clothes, where you are still not sure. Collect these on the ” I-don’t-know” batch. When you are finished with steps 2 and 3, return to this batch and Ask the following questions:

Do I really need the garment?

Can I change the garment economically, that the criteria are given in step 2?

Or is it possible to replace this garment thriftily?


5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory


Step 5: Cleaning

Now, you almost made it! But before refitting your wardrobe you should clean it carefully.

Then you can put your clothing back and you have only clothes that fit perfectly to you.

For the last handgrips you have to apply some discipline. Combine your existing end fitting garments to some stunning outfits, that you can find them like an entirely look in your wardrobe.


5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory  5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory  5 Steps Of The Wardrobe Inventory


If you can go through all the steps in your wardrobe inventory, you can be really proud of yourself!

I am sure that you will have a lot of pleasure: joy of forgotten garments, rediscovered pieces, new clarity in your closet, gaining new time and the feeling to have only really valuable garments.

Try it out and if you tell me how the wardrobe inventory worked for you, then I am very happy.  Perhaps I also can improve something… 😉

If it’s too difficult for you and you are not sure, no Problem!!!  I recommend to engage a professional style consultant. She will advise you professionally and will sort out your wardrobe professionally and organize it like a new one. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me at katy [at] look2ocean [dot] com or  Stylconsulting Gran Canaria.

Til next time



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Photos and owner of the Wardrobe by Gesund, Lecker und Fit
Wardrobe Inventory und Styling by  Look2ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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