Windsurfing – my greatest pleasure

Today I would like to explain what is Windsurfing for me?

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is being at the ocean. Fortunately, I can live right by the sea. And what I prefer to do when I’m on the water? Yes…it’s Windsurfing.

I started windsurfing at 30 and I can say it has changed my life. Because of the great experience, which definitely enriched my life, it sets my soul on fire over and over again. Here are the reasons why I hooked into Windsurfing!


Windsurfing - my greatest pleasure

Windsurfing - my greatest pleasure


I forget all my worries. The minute I step onto the board, I feel free and I forget everything around me. Completely blast away, everything seemed so dreamlike against the sunlight, feel the wind through the hair, the taste of salt water and to feel the power of the elements, I swear I never feel happier in your life.

I love to travel and to discover other cultures. Due to the windsurf, I travel to the most amazing places of the world. I enjoy these places even more because when you windsurf as you interact with the scenery, the waves and the wind, instead of passively watching.

It’s forever. Windsurfing has no age limit. Some of the best windsurfers in the world are closer to 40 than they are to 20. There are a lot of windsurfers between 60 and 70 years and they still live for windsurfing! It is never to late to start.


Windsurfing - my greatest pleasure

Windsurfing - my greatest pleasure


I never get bored because I enjoy the versatility. Ride waves, blast over flat waters,the feeling of floating, to try some easy moves. No session is the same, but the experience is always great!

Build my self confidence. When I started with windsurf, I changed into a cooler, more confident, more relaxed person. I got more confidence and certainty. Because no one can take the fact that I master windsurfing in one of the strongest conditions. When I am on the water, I direct my mind to something very real and indeed the power of nature.


Windsurfing - my greatest pleasure

Windsurfing - my greatest pleasure


So these are the most striking reasons for me. For sure, there are many more but I hope it inspires you a bit to live your life you want.

If you feel like it,  you really should give windsurfing a try!

Or perhaps you have other pleasures that enrich your life. What is it? Leave me a comment… ;-)))

It is not important how other people spend their lives. Important is what you make out of life and that you are satisfied.




Windsurfing water-shots by Daniell Bohnhof Photography

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