Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40

Freaking out about when you turn 40?

There are plenty of things that do happen when you turn 40. Things you will embrace, things you will celebrate, and things that will have you freaking out begging for your 30s back. Sorry, no refunds. Check out my favorite things that happen when you turn 40 (from own experience):


Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40


1. It’s OK to change how you use Facebook. No party pictures anymore! You share pictures of your garden, the no gluten lemon cake you baked last night and your healthy smoothies.

2.  You make an ‘oof’ noise when getting up. That straining sound you always heard older people make – and wondered whether it was strictly necessary? It is.

3. You forget to turn off the lights more often than usual

4. You worrying, endlessly. About whether things have been left on at home. Like: “Did I definitely leave my passport/tickets/wallet at home?” or  “Did I turn off the iron?”

5. Topshop is actually not for you, but you don’t have to put down the pink leather biker jacket if you like it, you can combine it, but in an adequate manner…;-)

6. More and more you are wearing jogging pants outside. Didn’t Karl Lagerfeld even say : “Anyone who is wearing jogging pants on the street has lost control of his life.” Fortunately, now there are a lot of jogging pants in the shops, which are quite cool and not immediately recognized as joggers.


Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40  Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40


7. Comfort is the number one factor when selecting footwear. Fortunately, Birkenstocks and sneakers are pretty hip right now.

8. Pubs aren’t for standing. You prefer to sit in a comfortable round and have a good conversation instead of dancing all night long.

9. Hangovers, are getting worse and worse. 

10. Fringes and sunglasses are your best friends. Because they cover unevennesses in your face.




11. You cry – at everything. Even advertising spots on TV

12. You have to eat better and exercise more. But you’ve still no less kilos on the scales.



13. You buy multiples. Finding it so hard to track down clothes which suit and fit, that when you do finally discover the one perfect thing, you buy it in multiples of seven colours.

14. Acceptance is great but also difficult. It is as it is, accept it and make a good races out of it and be happy! I know sometimes is it hard, but some jokes about turning 40 to make your milestone a smile-stone, and not a pile of groans, is better…right?


Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40  Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40  Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40


So take it easy and laugh about these things. 40 is the new 30… ;-)) 

Embrace what you have and be happy. It is health what real wealth…!!!


Funny Things That Happen When You Turn 40


See you on Sunday!



Text by Look2ocean

Pics by Look2ocean and Dein Glücksmoment

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