How Do You Know When To Call Someone A Friend?

Or how to recognize the moment to decide that this person is a true friend or not?



This question busiest me for quite a time, since we were in Germany, where I could meet my best friends, whom I have known since my childhood. I’m always very grateful to have these friendships. It was a great time for me. I really enjoyed spending time with them. Even if it was definitely too short. It’s so beautiful to know without a doubt that they share the same feelings as I do. But on the other hand, I realized how different are the friendships I have, for example, here on Gran Canaria compared to my friends in Germany.

During our train trip from Berlin to Vienna I had a lot of time to think about, how nice it’s to have real friends and I came to the conclusion:



How Do You Know When To Call Someone A Friend?



That nowadays it’s easy to call someone a friend. But I think, there is a difference between friendly and being friends, or being a casual friend and being a true friend. Not everyone has the right to be called friend, and you need to know the difference.

Therefore I wrote down my truly thoughts about it. In addition, there are also a few tips on how to recognize that the person is actually a true and good friend:





Caring can mean all kinds of things, from acting in a pleasant manner to doing nice things for you. Generally someone that cares for you will listen, respect your feelings, apologize when they do something wrong, be concerned about you, call or email you even when they are busy.

Caring doesn’t involve a checklist but a feeling that your well being is handled in a positive manner. Not everyone is a hugger, or shows their emotions as well as others, but if you feel as if someone truly believes in you and wants you to succeed, chances are they really do care for you.


How Do You Know When To Call Someone A Friend?




Shouldn’t Betrayed You

While betrayal can happen at the hand of someone who is (or was) a friend, odds are that if you’ve been stabbed in the back, something in the relationship has changed. This means that someone, weher you thought he was on your side wants to see you fail or unhappy. Once someone should betray you and let you down, it’s actually a sign that he is no longer your friend.


But I said “ACTUALLY”,  because the difficulty with this, however, is that people aren’t perfect, and even our best friends can break our trust at times. If that happens, a true friend will be sorry, apologize (he honestly mean it), and wants to make things right. If someone gives you a non-apology or doesn’t seem to care that they betrayed you, then you know they aren’t really a friend.

How Do You Know When To Call Someone A Friend?




Having time for each other

Have you ever had someone who only met you, when they needed something? If you just want to chat or hang out with them, they claim to be too busy. But if they want a favor they somehow have all the time in the world. How odd…isn’t it?

While any of one of us can claim to be busy, but a true friend will make time for you. Maybe they can’t talk right now, but if you are really in the need to speak with them or need a open ear they will find time to call you back at least. Or, if their schedule is really booked for the next few weeks, they will still try and put a date on the calendar to get together with you at some point. They don’t blow you off.


How Do You Know When To Call Someone A Friend?




Enjoy spending time together

If you really don’t like someone, it’s difficult to really call them a friend.

Think of all the times that you were forced to see people who irritate you. How do you act with them? Did you have the feeling when you were asked during the conversation that there was a real interest behind? Or did you rather feel there was no interest at your own person and only count the minutes until the conversation ended and to leave immediately?

Think of these distinctions and the things I mentioned before, when you’re out with someone and you aren’t sure that this guy is really a friend. How do you feel when you’re with him? Do he seems snarky? Bored or uninterested? Or knows everything better or doesn’t take any advice from you. They might not enjoy your company. More importantly, do you enjoy his? If you don’t, why even bother trying to determine if he is a friend? Find new friends who nurture your spirit and make you feel positive.




But don’t worry…!!! Friendship is actually not a big thing, it’s a million little things and not something you learn at school, like mathematics. These little things could be done intuitively when that person seems to be sympathetic and if you have a good feeling with that person. Friendship is a process that evolves over time. If you are not yet aware of the meaning “friend” or “friendship”, you should take a little time to think about it. I hope this article helps you to find out more about this and to clear your mind.


Because I don’t want to miss a good friendship.


Important is, that you are aware that we all aren’t perfect !!! Everybody can make mistakes! And people can also change, in negative but also in positive aspect. Try to give them a second chance … !!!


How Do You Know When To Call Someone A Friend?




Thanks to all my friends !!! 




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Text by Look2:ocean

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