Summer Recap 2017 – Has Always Something Good

Why you should also make a summer recap?


Hey guys, hope you’ve been having an awesome summer.

I can’t believe how quickly summer has gone by! Even though I’m so existed what the Fall and Winter season will bring, I would like to make a little this year’s summer recap.

I thing a summer recap is a good call and actually helpful because it’s fun to look back at the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the summer. On the other hand it’s interesting to realize that you could accomplish some of them, what you didn’t expect or what you already have forgotten. 



Summer Recap 2017 - Always a good reflection of your goals you set



Like me, before I did my recap I thought I accomplished ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM. But I took some time and thought about it and afterwards I find out that actually wasn’t none of them. Due to summer recap I realized that I already accomplished some of them. It’s like always, with all the negative things in mind, I almost forget the positive ones. I have reflected at length and remembered what goals I actually accomplished

After the new gained finding I feel good about myself! It therefor is important to make a summer recap. Just to remember the things you’ve done and the goals you’ve reached.

I must say, I’ve reached contrary to the exception quite a lot of goals.



So here is my summer recap of 2017: 





Yeah, that’s cool!!!  I found 12 things, which I accomplished this summer even I thought I accomplished none of them… 😎  


So, how was your summer, think about it during the weekend, if you have time, and created a summer recap, too? Then leave a comment below with your favorite memory.



Saludos and have a great weekend…my dears!!!!




Analog shot by Daniell Bohnhof
Text and Styling by Look2ocean 

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