Five ways to relax after work

After a intense week of work I really need to relax. I was focused to push my job as a Fashionstylist which is really my passion and goal and yesterday I could join a photoshooting as a stylist. I really love to be on set, but it’s also quite hard because you have to give full power, to be 100% focused and concentrated. That’s why sometimes I need a relax time afterwards, to come down and to switch off. I only want is to give myself a break. Because the worst thing is to feel burnt out and unfulfilled. Or you can’t switch out of work mode, so you end up stressing yourself out about unfinished work and what’s to come tomorrow.

I’ve realized that I don’t really want to be stuck in this cycle, so I’ve started making a few changes in my after-work relaxing routine.

So, here are five ways to relax after work:


relax  relax


1.) My number one piece of advice for letting yourself relax: Switch off you mobile and laptop and don’t check your work emails. It’s really important to set boundaries with your time because otherwise your work life will just blend into your personal life.

2.) Go for a walk. My boyfriend and I really appreciated the time to wander around our village wit our dog and not worry about anything for one hour. You’ve probably been sitting in an office all day, so some fresh air and a little exercise is going to lift your mood dramatically. Leave your phone at home!!!

3.) You gotta give yourself some love. I love running a bath, lighting a soothing candle, slapping a face mask on, digging into a good book, listening good music, laying in the bed and eat some healthy sweets (souldfood). Schedule a pamper sesh into your calendar specially after a hard working week and make sure you treat yourself well!

4.)  Do a little yoga. Or just rest in child’s pose for a while. You might even fall asleep because it’s so comfy.

5.) Preparing a (healthy) breakfast and take your time to eat in a calm and and relax atmosphere.

6.) Drink a lot of water to clean yourself.





And there you go! These five things always help me to disconnect and feel relaxed. They prepare me for a new week and to get closer to my goals.

How do you spend your relaxing day? Let me know in the comments! Maybe I will find some more ways… ;-)))

Kisses Katy!


Pics of my relax time by Daniell Bohnhof Photography.
Styling by Look2:ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria.


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