Light Luggage – Less Stuff, More Happiness

How to travel and live better with less stuff!

Life is a journey and sometimes life goes really well, and at other times life throws you curveballs when you don’t expect it. 

We live in an achievement-oriented society, where being “busy” is practically a religion. We also spent too much attention on luxury goods. Even most of the fashion blogger are really into luxury items. Being normal means being boring. All these things causes a lot of pressure in our every day life and isn’t helpful to be happy and free. 

But the traveling gives me freedom and piece. I love the freedom I have when I travel, which slow me down again in this stressful time. Traveling with less stuff allows to feel comfortable and free again.

You can travel more to complete your freedom. Believe me … you can travel so much better with light luggage …. really !!!! And this applies not only to traveling, but also to your everyday life.


Light Luggage - Less Stuff, More Happiness 

So how do we get light luggage (less stuff) and more happiness. Here’s how:


1. Quit Something

Can you imagine how stressful life would be if you never quit anything? Some years ago I was working in Jobs which I actually  didn’t want to. When I eventually quit this Job, a huge source of stress left my life. Look at what you can leave behind, whether it’s an expensive fitness class, a less-than-rewarding job or a toxic relationship. Say sayonara, and never look back.


Light Luggage - Less Stuff, More Happiness


2. Don’t Count

Don’t count the amount of things you own, because the number isn’t what is important. You should prefer to know that the things you own are bringing value to you life. You should like to constantly ensure that the belongings you have are working for you, not the other way around. 


Light Luggage - Less Stuff, More Happiness


3. Spread Your Goals Throughout The Week

Once you’ve admitted that you can’t do everything, settle on doing just one thing that matters to you every day. Cook on Monday. Go to barre class on Tuesday. Paint on Wednesday. If you do more than one thing, awesome job! You rule! But you don’t have to.


4. Care Less

I know this sounds sacrilegious—what would happen if you weren’t emotionally invested in everything?! Well, possibly good things. Let’s look at your life. How much are you counting on it to justify your very existence as a human on this earth? A little bit? A lotta bit? And if that’s the case, does it make things like taking feedback really hard, because your entire sense of self-worth is rolled up in how well you do? A healthy sense of emotional distance can give you the perspective that helps you stay afloat when things go sour. Plus, if you care less about the day-to-day, you might just find yourself with more energy to fight the battles that really matter.


Light Luggage - Less Stuff, More Happiness


Your Turn

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in our own busyness, family activities, and To Do lists that tunnel vision takes over. But maybe these four things will help you to get rid of it. If you have another advice, please add it in the comments. Always nice if we have some more daily approved tips to make our life easier and better. 


Light Luggage - Less Stuff, More Happiness


Have a lovely day and try to be happy with less stuff!




Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Text by Look2:ocean

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