Home Is Not A Place It’s A Feeling

Due to an occurrence I had last week, I asked myself how I would describe HOME.

So I started thinking about it and I would like to share my thoughts with you. I know today is it a different article and not so fashionable, but from time to time I have the need to write about a different issue.


First of all, for me, HOME is not a place it’s rather a feeling.

But for many of us is it just a place and they travel the whole world to find it, or it is where you come from and grow up. Others find it in a person or in family. And it is totally ok that everyone hasn’t the same understanding and feeling about HOME. The important thing is that you are ok with it and you feel good.

Everyone defines it differently. Actually this is a great thing, because it doesn’t have to be the same for everybody. It’s ok…!!! Home can be everywhere, everybody or everything. It can be even a brief feeling, when you eat, since a long time, the cucumber soup you have always eaten at your best friends house. The magic thing about HOME is that it feels good and really comfortable for yourself.

I always have this feeling when I’m with my loves. Their hearts is my home. It feels so good to be with them and enjoying precious moments. I can slow down an be myself. Not necessary to be awesome, being normal is just marvelous. And I know they just feel the same. If we are together, no matter where we are, or who we are. Just if the magical, harmonious feeling comes up…is like feeling HOME for us.

We could share one of these moments last week and I would like to show these pics. Maybe it helps you to understand my thoughts. 


What is HOME for you, leave a comment if you want. I would love to know a little more about your feeling.

In this sense!!!

ENJOY whatever you do and wherever you go. 




Home Is Not A Place It's A Feeling

Home Is Not A Place It's A Feeling 

Home Is Not A Place It's A Feeling

Home Is Not A Place It's A Feeling


Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Text by Look2ocean

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