Why We Should Embrace The Imperfection

How can we be our best self and embrace the imperfection?

During the last few days I thought a lot about this question. That’s why I would like to write about this issue.

Because recently I put so much pressure on myself to constantly strive toward perfection in my job, with my blog and even in my hobby the windsurfing.


And at the end, what’s the result?

You often end up losing out on recognizing the small wins that you actually have throughout your day. That feeling of defeat lessens the ability to appreciate what is around you. Instead of spending your evenings decompressing, or making the time to spend with your loved ones, You are so focused on doing better tomorrow that you may rarely be entirely present (my boyfriend can confirm that). How can I avoid this? How can I stop focusing on perfection?


The answer is, embrace the imperfection!!


I’m still trying to figure it out, but due to this I already got 5 ways to make friends with imperfection for a happier, more fulfilled life.

I have listed these options as 5 points for you.

Maybe it helps you, too!

Check out the following points:


1. Be mindful

The next time you feel bad and ashamed for not doing the best job in any case, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, be mindful of the situation.

Observe it, as it is, without judgment. Focus on a teachable moment you can gain insight from. You learn by making mistakes. Embrace it, love it and be present with it. Then move forward without burden. Sometimes you go a step backwards just to step forward twice, because you learned from the mistake.


2. Ask yourself, “Did I do my best?”

When thinking about perfection, it’s all about the context. Instead of focusing on your personal goal, or measuring yourself up to a perfect score, ask yourself, “Did I do the best I can?” There are many things that are out of our control, and many forces that we cannot influence. Why not take a moment to appreciate our effort and give ourselves constructive criticism?

Rather than thinking about how you measure up to somebody else’s standards, think, “Is there anything I would do differently next time?”

It will also help you in your personal and professional growth by not allowing your own guilt or shame about an imperfect job.


3. Detach from the result

Being driven to create results is a positive trait, but only when we are not measuring our self-worth against those results. Instead of focusing so much on the outcome, my goal is to attach myself to the effort I put in, do the best I can, and then detach from the result. This is not easy, but I believe we can train ourselves not to be reactive to events that are not in our complete power.


4. Acceptance

If you often feel that your best isn’t enough, it’s time to start working on self-acceptance. As humans we all have imperfections. In fact, those are what make us interesting and different from one another. Accepting and appreciating those imperfections is just as important as emphasizing our strengths.

It is in self-compassion that we grow. Try to practice self-acceptance, and allow yourself to get to know and understand the many parts of you. Don’t try to shut certain parts away. When we do that, these negative parts often come back screaming even louder.

The more we accept things that we cannot change in the moment, the faster and lighter we will move forward.


6. Play

If you are skipping playtime, you are actually doing your brain an injustice. Because regularly scheduled playtime should go beyond our childhood. There is an overwhelming body of research on how play promotes creativity, joy and enriches our minds.

So the next time you come home from a long, hard day at work, and your kids or pets leave their toys out or make a mess, practice letting go. It’s okay not to have everything in a pristine condition all the time. Instead, join them down there on the floor for some much needed playtime. For all of you.


Why We Should Embrace The Imperfection  Why We Should Embrace The Imperfection  Why We Should Embrace The Imperfection  


The same with our beauty. I’m always really critical if it comes to my appearance especially for my blog.

But it’s not only about the appearance, we also have many positive features that were hidden and it should be recognized, too. From our obstinate perfectionism, our visual appearance becomes more unnatural, stiff and our warmth and happiness are lost. Happiness is so important. Because happiness is our best make up.

These pics were taken before I got ready for our day in Paris. Means no make up, hair are messed up, the teeth are still not brushed and dark rings under my eyes. I just woken up, and went dozy in the kitchen to drink a coffee. My boyfriend was testing his camera and we begun to play around a bit. Meanwhile he took these pics. I think, real and authentic photos without make up and styling, should be shown much more…right?

I am what I am and I am, for sure, not perfect. I’m 41 years old and with all my wrinkles, spots and flabs I should slowly get used to the fact that I’m no longer the youngest. So, I try to accept it. Sometimes it’s hard but I always getting bettering better. 

I really love these pics. Because even though I don’t look as I would like, I still feel comfortable. Because the courage to show up as you naturally are, also gives a certain beauty. Sometime we just need to embrace the imperfection!


Why We Should Embrace The Imperfection


What I wrote today is not to serve as or be a substitute for professional medical, pediatric or psychiatric advice, nor is it designed to suggest any specific diagnosis or treatment. Please always seek medical advice from your physician or a qualified health care provider.

What do you think about the issue: embrace the imperfection? Are you agree with me? Please leave a comment. Looking forward to hear, what you think about it and how it works for you.

See you on Monday.






Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Text and Styling (or no styling) by Look2ocean

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