My Annual Retrospective – Back To 2016

It’s time  of an annual retrospective: Things that made me happy in 2016.

Hey, my dear ones!

The New Year has welcomed me with open arms. The Everyday life has returned. It seems to me that I just got used to write the date “2016” and now it’s already 2017. Anyway, the years pass by a bit faster each time, don’t you think?


Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016  Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016


In the last few days, I’ve been thinking about how the year 2016 was actually for me? Was it a good year? Have I reached my goals?

My life is not always smooth, so I also had to deal with a few setbacks and had to shed one or other tears. But I don’t want to think about that now. I prefer to hink about the many positive memories of the last few months. Because it is important that all these negative influences don’t take us too much, even if we should always be aware of what is happening in the world.


Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016

Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016


But for a happy life, we should always remember in something pretty and yes, that can also be quietly superficial. This year, I would like to review the most beautiful things that made me happy in 2016. Just to get me on positive moods to carry on a good start of the new Year.


Here are a few of my happiest moments:


1.) The opportunity to work in my plum job as a fashion stylist.

2.) That my father and my sister have visited me at my home in Gran Canaria.

3.) Spend good time with my family.

4.) To have the freedom to go windsurfing every day in summertime.

5.) Surfing in the Indian Ocean.

6.) Together with my boyfriend we step a bit closer to our professional goals.

7.) I could spend a nice evening under the South African starry sky.

8.) Because of the low light pollution was it possible to watch some shooting stars and the milky way with the naked eye.

9.) The wonderful friendships that have arisen by traveling.

10.) Blogging, which enriches my everyday life very much.

11.) Interesting and motivating conversations with a good friend.

12.) Running at the beach in the morning.

13.) Great evenings with great people, excellent chats, delicious food and very good South African wines.

14.) Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Cape Town.

15.) To know new countries, cultures and people.

16.) Be allowed to watch The Big Five of the African animals in freedom.

17.) 2016 ended for me at the side of my favorite man, as well as the beginning of 2017 and looking forward to many more years.


That was my annual retrospective. What does yours look like?


Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016

Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016


Grab something to write, treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee and a few pieces of chocolate. Write down what made you happy last year or what moment made you smile? Creat your own annual retrospective!

Enclosed, I picked out a few outtake shots from the year 2016 . This series was taken by my dear friend and photographer of Dein Gl├╝cksmoment during a shooting day as a test shot, while setting the camera.

In this sense, have fun with your annual retrospective and I hope it makes you smile… ;-))


Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016

Annual Retrospective - Back To 2016


Pics by  Dein Gl├╝cksmoment
Styling by Look2:ocean and Styling Consulting Gran Canaria
MU&Hair by FRDK Hairsalon

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