The allrounder camera FUJI X-T10

My little allrounder camera, the Fuji XT 10 !!!

“The blogger’s most important utensil is its camera” they always said to me, but for a long time I still had my mobile phone to take pictures, while all had their super cool cameras. But someday, I wanted to have better quality pics for my blog, so I didn’t use so often my mobile phone. Therefore, my boyfriend, who is photographer, had to take every little while the photos for my blog.

Since he was tired (which I can understand), he gave me, quite disinterested ;-), as a birthday gift a nice camera. It was the Fuji X-T10, as I mentioned before, the little allrounder camera.

Just the right thing for someone like me. Because the camera is small, handy, manageable and looks great with the trendy retro design. But looking good alone brings nothing, the quality of the resulting images should be good.

But as well the quality can be seen. How you see on the last photo. I’m very convinced of the X-T10.

For everyone who is currently looking for a new, small, stylish, powerful camera, the Fuji X-T10 should be definitely an option!!!

Since I own this camera, I really enjoy photography because it’s very easy to use. So I have the courage to try things out and by the fast success I’m very motivated. My boy is also happy, because mostly I only do special analogue photoshoots with him. In this case we both have fun … ;-)).

Two weeks ago we created a great analogue photo series. It is about my very old but beloved Chucks Converse, which I have them now for almost 20 years. So, in that sense, stay tuned … !!! Some great photos coming up soon.

Hasta Luego


The allrounder camera FUJI X-T10  The allrounder camera FUJI X-T10

The allrounder camera FUJI X-T10

Shots of the allrounder camera by Dein Glücksmoment
Shot by LOOK2:ocean

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