8 Reasons Why I Love The Beach

I Love the beach because heaven seems a little closer at the beach!!! ;-)))


Just found these pics and it has made me think about why I love the beach. 

These photos were taken a while ago. Maybe one month ago.

After the summer, Pozo Izquierdo, the windiest place in Europe, can also look like this, calm sea and sandy beach. We enjoyed a great time at our home beach. My fav place in the world will always be the beach. So here are my 8 reasons why:


8 Reasons Why I Love The Beach  8 Reasons Why I Love The Beach 


1.     It is the ultimate relaxation zone. When I go to the beach I’m unplugged from our monotonous daily routine.

2.    I enjoy the fresh air. Taking a moment to breathe in some fresh air it helps me clear my mind of any worries. Spending time outdoor can be calming and boost my mood.

3.     I can soak up the vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for our health and wellbeing. I get my daily dose of Vitamin D directly through my skin by spending some time in the sun (never forget to use sun blocker).

4.     It relieves stress. Both the sun and the waves completely relax my body. Water has many therapeutic qualities. A short swim in the sparkling waters relax my joints. The tranquil sound of the waves, splashing gently against the shore, is healing my mind, body and soul. 

5.     The beach gets me moving. I can spend some time exercising by taking a swim, snorkeling, a walk along the beach or practicing stand up paddle. Stand up paddling is actually a whole body workout and can be like a walk but over the water on the open sea…;-)).   


8 Reasons Why I Love The Beach

8 Reasons Why I Love The Beach


6.     I enjoy the surroundings. The blissful views are so soothing and peaceful. Especially when I go for some Stand up paddling. I love the view from far out to the shoreline.

7.     Create beautiful memories. Spending time with the ones I love, playing on the beach, being silly and enjoy the happy time. Taking lots of photos so when I´m sitting back at my desk I can reminisce about the good times.

8.  The beach is the best escape! No matter what I’m feeling, a trip to the beach will improve my mind-set.




Think about the 8 reasons why I love the beach. Maybe one reason will help you to improve your well being as well. I would be very happy about that. Leave a comment, when they could help you to feel better!!!


Love the beach pics by Look2ocean
Bikini by Lefties
Stand up paddle board by Quatro

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