Sneak Peek Of My Work Uniform – What I Wear On Set Today

Hey guys, Do you want to know how to style a work uniform?

Or rather what I wear on shoots, when I’m booked as fashion stylist?


Then keep reading…!


Since I’m on a photo shoot to work as a stylist today, I would like to show you my current work uniform. Unfortunately I hadn’t enough time to prepare the DIY tutorial of the front tie shirt, what I actually promised in my last article. But due to work it recently fallen by the wayside. However I will try to finish it for the upcoming article. I’m so sorry!!!


Sneak Peek Of My Work Uniform - What I Wear On Set Today


Today’s outfit is definitely not a work uniform for the office.

Because on set is all about comfortability, mobility and not be fussy to get dirty. Because fashion shoots don’t always take place in studios, but also in the middle of nowhere. Today, for example, we gonna shoot outside in a valley of the mountains of Gran Canaria. That means lots of dust, heat and no sanitary facilities. That’s why I combine a really light and comfy outfit as my work uniform. I chose some flats, a small tank top and a light and airy shorts, in order to provide comfortability, mobility and wear resistance. I bought all the pieces cheaply. So no problem, if my outfit becomes dirty or even broken. Overall my outfit is created to keep my mobility, light enough to pass the whole day in the heat and yet durable. Last but not least the sunglases, wich is really important, because we gonna be exposed to the sun the entire day.

On such a hot and dusty day working in the nature the jewelry is rather annoying. But I put a finger ring and and a cute bracelet, which shouldn’t really bother me.


Sneak Peek Of My Work Uniform - What I Wear On Set Today


This is it…! Nothing special, but on set you shouldn’t be dressed better than the model. 


As the chief editor of Vogue Germany Christiane Arp said: When we work on shoots, we shouldn’t wear high heels; It is not about us, but about what we create. “


Sneak Peek Of My Work Uniform - What I Wear On Set Today


I hope you like my simple work uniform. 

See you next time and I will try to finish the DIY tutorial of the front tie shirt as soon as possible…I promise! 





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Styling ande pics by Look2ocean and Styleconsulting Gan Canaria

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