How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?

The vinyl-fashion-trend seems to be one of the hottest trends this season. If you haven’t quite caught on, I’m gonna show you how to wear the vinyl trend. And where I got these shoes of old. 



Whether or not you’re ready for the vinyl-fashion-trend, it’s already in every shop so you might as well give it a try. You simply need to pick and choose the right piece that best aligns with your style. I personally feel that a little more daring look with varying textures look best with vinyl pieces, but it’s never a bad idea to test the waters.


So here’s how I try out this vinyl-fashion-trend whatever my age…!



How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?  How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?



If you’re still not quite ready to embrace the high-shine look (like me) a far more understated and wearable way to try the vinyl-fashion-trend is with footwear. Don’t get tricked into thinking vinyl shoes only work in movies like Greece or Pretty Women… A vinyl bootie with denim is a fresh take on your average black suede. If you want to step it up a little, look for red vinyl booties with details and paired with striped pants, a band tee and an oversized denim Jacket.

I found my favorite piece for the vinyl-fashion-trend in a secondhand shop. When I saw these red vinyl booties I can’t leave my hands of them. I had luck and I got them for a little money. 


If you dare or if this look encouraged you to put together some more vinyl looks, then don’t hesitate to grab another garment  like:



How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?  How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?  How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?



Vinyl pants:

Look amazing with basics for a casual, low-key outfit. Keep in mind to pull back on the accessories and let the pants speak for themselves.



How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?



Vinyl Jacket:

If you’re really into edgier downtown looks, a vinyl jacket might just be the perfect piece for you. From biker-style jackets to sportier parkas, it’s a great way to bring a futuristic element into your daily wear



How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?  How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?

How To Style The Vinyl-Fashion-Trend?



The key to cracking the vinyl code is by choosing one statement piece, be it a miniskirt, leggings, or a trench, paired with more low-key ones. That way, the shine stays the focus without feeling like it’s too much.

You’ll find a lot of inspiration the internet on how to integrate the vinyl-fashion-trend into your winter wardrobe repertoire.

In case you would rock the vinyl trend, too? Tell me in the comments below! 

Have a great start into a new week!





Get the Look: Denim Jacket, Band Tee, Striped Skinnies, Red Vinyl Booties (Vintage)


Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Styling by Look2:ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria


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