How to make our fashion habits more sustainable?

I think nowadays it should be important to make our fashion habits more sustainable. Especially those who consume a lot should try to arrange their fashion habits more consciously



We as consumers and responsible of our wardrobe should choose our clothes with care, because it it a significant impact on the environment. The brands we choose, the materials we seek out, and how we use and recycle our clothing all make a difference, for better or worse, in the fashion lifecycle. To instill these eco-friendly fashion practices in our daily actions, I’ve rounded up some things each and every one of us can do to improve our consumption fashion habits and to curate our closets more consciously.


Keep on reading  to know the simple ways you can make your fashion habits more sustainable.



The Knowledge Of The Consumer

The first step in practicing more sustainable consumption is to inform yourself. Investigate the company’s production practices, look for where the clothes are made, and whether they’re handmade. Consider the article’s fabrication. Is it made of responsible materials like linen, hemp, or organic cotton or wool? Reading a company’s “About” page before you shop can give you better insight into just how eco-friendly its practices are and how committed it is to change.




But eco-friendly isn’t really low-priced and that’s totally ok, I fully support it, if it’s good sustainable material, the people, who produce the fabrics and clothings, earn enough money and the workplace is in good condition. But what, when you don’t have the money to shop eco-friendly? Because not everyone has the money to buy a T-shirt for 30-50 €. That’s why I’ve prepared these tips today, that everyone, has the opportunity to make the fashion habits in a smarter kinda way.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Buy fewer things but better quality! This should be a tenet in any fashion girl’s rulebook, not only does it ensure you’ll have a more curated closet, but it also lowers your negative impact on the earth. As much as possible, avoid fast-fashion purchases or giving into fleeting trends. Make sure you love every piece you purchase with the intention of wearing it several times or keeping it around for uses years down the road.



Shop Secondhand

An easy and fun way to lower your impact is to buy secondhand. Not only will thrift and vintage shopping bring unique, one-of-a-kind pieces into your wardrobe but you’ll also be consuming outside of the fashion cycle. Giving these pre-loved clothes a new home gives them new life and extends their purpose.



Buy Less

Even the savviest fashion girls can have a difficult time reducing their consumption to what’s really necessary. I know what I’m talking about … 🙄  With so many beautiful new pieces on the market each season, it’s tempting to want it all. However, even the pieces we get most excited about aren’t always used to their full potential once we bring them home. Constantly audit your closet to see what you really need and avoid stocking up on pieces that don’t serve a purpose or are redundant with perfectly good items you already own. Sort them out and pass them to charity or second-hand shops. Maybe, another one can do more with it and it will be worn more often. You can also give things to a wadrobe-rental. They are always happy to have new entries in the rental. The clothes, for example, are going to be rented to film productions.




For one of my spring outfits I chose a maxi dress, which I purchased in a second hand store, together with the army jacket. I can use both of them with a lot of items I already have in my wardrobe. The sneakers, I wore, I have for years and I’m still really happy with them because there are so versatile and so classic, that I can wear them in a lot of occasions. The earrings are from the flew market. The belt and bag I actually rented for a photo shooting from a wardrobe rental. I’ve been able to rent a lot of great stuff for a few euros and bring the stuff back after the shoot. I think I’ve seen these accessories are actually from Mango and Lefties. But repeated use or rental, is better than buying new ones. That’s why I go more often to a wardrobe rental.

(Don’t worry this outfit I’m gonna show you next time in detail.)



How to make our fashion habits more sustainable?



Last but not least, because there are already wonderful eco-friendly brands in the fashion market.


Shop Brands Committed to Changing the Industry for the Better

As you do your research, you’ll discover which brands are committed to adopting eco-friendly practices at every step of the production process. When you shop, be sure to prioritize these brands first.




Here are some of my favorite eco-friendly brands below:



Threads 4 Thought:

Born in 2006 when the founders graduated from college. They had the crazy idea that the fashion industry needed to be more sustainable. Today Threads 4 Thought is a full lifestyle brand of fashion that is produced responsibly & supports sustainable.


How to make our fashion habits more sustainable?


Alternative Apparel:

Alternative creates wardrobe staples with modern silhouettes, balancing simplicity and style. The design is rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We source the finest fabrics for softness and durability, and incorporate organic and recycled materials wherever possible.


How to make our fashion habits more sustainable?



People Tree: 

Purchases the majority of its Fair Trade products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world.
They also guarantee most of our purchasing is committed to the World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade standards.


How to make our fashion habits more sustainable?



A brand rooted in the natural spaces. They decided to give something back in the form of planting a tree for every order they receive and they are also supporting the Plastic Project to help reduce plastic waste found in our oceans. It’s a staple of every wardrobe, a classic that you can wear for almost anything and the one item of clothing that probably takes more of a beating than any other.


How to make our fashion habits more sustainable?


First Pic and Styling by Look2:ocean

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