A summer kinda-Look with some fashionable summer essentials

Today I wanna show you a summer kinda-Look, because the summer is finally waiting around the corner. 


We already enjoyed a few beautiful days of real spring. Thats why we have to prepare our summer wardrobe, right now. 

Do you already made a wardrobe inventory from winter to summer clothes? No…? Here you have a guideline to do the inventory like a pro. 

Ok, back to my summer kinda-look, which I prepaired with some summer essentials we need this summer season.

I paired my beloved black top, which has a washed out fabric, with my ripped and stonewashed denim shorts. As accessories I chose the pink-metalic chain mini-bag in reptile optic, a pair of eighty styled earrings, reflector sunnies in wooden optic and a elastic hairband-bandeau in ethnic floral print. Last but to least a pair of Havaianas as well in reptile optic. 


Make sure you’re ready for your best summer ever with these can’t-do-without essentials:


√ The Top. Stock up on polished-yet-weather-practical tops you can wear with blazers or without.

√ The Denim Shorts. Because nothing says “summer” like a flattering pair of shorts.

√ The Retro-Earring. You don’t want your jewelry to be weighing you down in the summer heat. A minimalist earring will complete your outfit without being too overbearing.

√ The Summer Mini-Bag. For when you don’t feel like lugging anything but the necessities.

√ The Throwback Sunnies. Get your hands on a pair of retro sunnies that’ll give every outfit a summer of ’80 vibe.

Head´s up for the turban-twisted hear ribbon to give your whole outfit some extra charisma.

√ The Slides. Let your flat footwear be the talk of the next day-party.



A summer kinda-Look with some fashionable summer essentials



This is all about a summer kinda-look. So staying hydrated, rocking those messy buns, killing it with reflector shades and oh-so- comfortable clothes. Sounds easy…right? Hope it helps you to get inspired. Let me know if you have any other add-ons to this summer wardrobe check list. I’d love to hear from you.

Until then 



Recreate the summe kinda-look: Top, Denim Shorts, Earrings, Mini Bag, Sunnies, Turban hear Ribbon, Hawaianas
Pic and Styling by Look2:ocean and Stylcosulting Gran Canaria

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