Summer is almost over

Summer is  almost over. It’s the BEST for many reasons: You can wear dresses with no tights, cropped tops with no jackets, and drink a lot of iced coffee. But I’ve realized that while all the funning and sunning we’ve been doing has been great, but I’m kind of over it. Most of the things you love about summer get old by the time September hits, and you’re just ready for the leaves to change and cooler temps. So as painful as it is, here are all the reasons to be excited summer is almost over.


Summer is almost over  Summer is almost over


1. You can bust out your big comforter again. Is there anything better than cuddling up under a big, cozy blanket when it’s cool outside? Nope.

2. It’s posible to drink a cup of tea. I’ve been missing, drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon.

3. Fire in the fireplace or candles. You can not imagine, that we need a fireplace here in Gran Canaria? But last winter we used it a lot. It was quite cold outside and inside. Our house has no heater…

4. Reading a book. I love it, if it’s stormy and cold outside to immerse for a while into a good book.

5. You sweat 100 times less. Ok, maybe  you want to sweat when you’re working out, but not when you’re just sitting at the beach without moving.

6. Your makeup will actually stay on. No more sweat means no more melting makeup!

7. Your hair will actually stay in place. Without the frizz-producing mixture of heat and humidity, your hair will look the same.

8. Sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. Whether it’s on-trend turtlenecks or cozy tunics, long xl jumper basically every sweater looks cute with jeans.

9. Making soups. I can eat soups everyday in all varieties. It’s easy to prepare and even healthy.

10.  No more mosquitoes! Finally, peaceful sleeping…


Summer is almost over  Summer is almost over  Summer is almost over


Is anyone with me or it’s just me to be happy that summer is almost over? I know I’ll probably miss the sunny, warm days very soon but for now I’m looking forward to put on a sweater and to drink a cup of tea or hot chocolate with a lighted candle.

What are you looking forward to this fall?


Summer is almost over


Actually I already check out which fall fashion trends arrived at the island. Looking forward do go shopping. Soon I will show you some Fall/Winter fashion trends 2016/17. So, stay tuned…!!!


See you



Beach look for the summer is almost over
Colorful hippie necklace: El Arte Violana
Cropped top: Lefties
String: Vintage
Panama hat: Vintage


Photoscredits: Dein Glücksmoment

Styling: Look2:Ocean and Styleconsulting-Gran Canaria

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