How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris

Yeah…we gonna spend a weekend in Paris. So exited to travel with my love and to enjoy 4 days in this wonderful city inclusive Depeche Mode concert. 



To make wise packing decisions, I need to know what the weather is going to be like this weekend in Paris. So we already checked the weather online and I adjust my suitcase accordingly. From June to August it can be sunny and warm in Paris. It’s usually between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. But there is always a chance of cloudy days and rain.


How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris


The important thing is to mix and match the clothing.

Paris is known for its fashion, but that doesn’t mean everyone is walking around in designer dresses. The best clothing for a summer trip to Paris is versatility. I bring clothes to mix and match, which is easily accomplished if you stick to a single color family. Ok…tried but not fully! I’m planning to wear a white dress with black polka dots, a top with statement sleeves with jeans or striped shirt to go with a pair of denim shorts. Parisians love their jeans so I don’t hesitate to add them into my suitcase.


What else…?!

• Light Jacket
The temperatures will dip at night, so I’ll bring a neutral colored Jacket to wear when I feel chilled. It’s a gris colored suede biker Jacket.

• Flirty sundress
I don’t wanna leave home without a cute sundress or a playsuit. I like something light and comfortable and I chose some that match to the Jacket. I hope it won’t be too cold and rainy, while we are in Paris this weekend so I can wear these beautiful dresses … 😉


How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris  How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris


• Flat shoes
Ladies, I want divinetly a pair of flat shoes in my suitcase. Because Paris is full of old, cobblestone streets that aren’t suited for heels. Plus, we’ll do a lot of walking and flats are more comfortable anyway. So I chose my new Adidas “Gazelle” Sneakers in gray.


How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris


• Hands-free purse or bag
While we’re out touring a bag is a must. Bags that you can toss over your shoulder or a cross-body purse are fashionable and functionally. But also a small backpack is a good choice. It’s wise to bring a bag that has secure top closure, a zipper or flap, to protect your precious belongings from pickpockets. For me, a over the shoulder straw bag works, because the bag has a fabric inlet to close it with a button.


How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris


I thinks I’m almost done, just left some jewelries and cosmetics, which I will add today in the evening. Do you like my wardrobe for Paris?


I am of the opinion that my wardrobe is variable and not too much. I also paid attention to the fact that everything is quite light and doesn’t take much space. As we travel only for 4 days, we just booked hand luggage, but I would like to take a few things from Paris as a souvenir as well.


How I Pack My Suitcase For A Weekend In Paris


Hope everything fits in this small suitcase. Btw I found this old suitcase in a vintage shop, isn’t it cool?  




Shop my wardrobe for a weekend in Paris: Dress Polka Dots, Lace Top, Striped Top, Denim Pants, Denim Shorts, Denim Skirt, Suede Biker Jacket, Top, Straw Bag, Adidas Gazelle
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