Stop “Body Shaming” And Love Yourself- You Deserve It!!!

A while ago I realized that “body shaming” has become something big into our social life, especially among women.

Even I often have caught myself, how I was ashamed to show my body in bikini. Because I’m not a skinny person and my little belly is always there. That’s why I always felt more comfortable in wide clothes. Ok ok, I know some tricks to dress favorable. But honestly, sometimes I still have the same feeling. So I started to think about the “body shaming” issue. After many considerations and research, I realized how terrible it is that people judge for physical features.

The question is, do we really want to live in a world where it is more important to have a good physical appearance than what you do and feel?


I think, nobody really wants it … right ???


As styling and image consultant it is indeed my job to refresh the appearance of a person. But from my experience, I can say that you could be so well advised and styled, if you are not ok inside, it is unfortunately a waste of effort. You will notice it.


We are expected to be as thin as a model, as sexy as a rock star and smart as a Nobel Prize winner, and we must be ready to be selfied and Instagrammed at all times

With enough pressure weighing on all of us, it’s time to stop being your own frenemy, and start being the best friend. Because that’s what you deserve … right?


Here is how to handle it and overcome your inner bastard: 



Stop "Body Shaming" And Love Yourself- You Deserve It!!!




Check yourself before you wreck yourself

The first step toward overcoming body shaming is catching yourself in negative thought. Break the habit of negative thinking by replacing unconscious messages with conscious, positive reframes that you have written for yourself.


Get out of your head

Everyone is too self-conscious and focused on the way they walk, talk, and look to even notice the little imperfection you think you’ve got. Do a power pose when you need a boost of confidence. Do also some exercise or move you body because it releases endorphins and makes you feel happy.

Appreciate your body, because it works hard. Stare into your reflection and find something you like.




Stop "Body Shaming" And Love Yourself- You Deserve It!!!




Remember beauty is not one-size-fits-all or size-zero

If you’re constantly following social media accounts revolving around people whose job it is to look a certain way, you’ll start to believe you need to look a certain way too. Instead of beating yourself up because you don’t look like these Instagram stars, follow people who are rocking the same body type like you. Better yet, follow inspiring people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders to remind yourself everybody is beautiful in their own way.




Stop "Body Shaming" And Love Yourself- You Deserve It!!!




Foster a body-positive lifestyle

Think of self-love as a muscle; we have to use it or lose it!

Brag to get off on yourself, feel your value, and take your listener higher. Establish a bragging circle with a few of your friends, push and motivate each other. Or, write down your brags in a private journal.

The more self-confidence and gratitude you express, the happier you will be. Celebrate the gold in your life by making daily lists of things you are grateful for.



End the vicious cycle

What you say about yourself really affects the people around you. Body shaming is a learned behavior, so it is important to be aware of the negative habits of the people you surround yourself with.

Maybe the best thing you can do is be quiet in moments when others are body shaming themselves. Self-love spreads like wildfire.




Stop "Body Shaming" And Love Yourself- You Deserve It!!!  Stop "Body Shaming" And Love Yourself- You Deserve It!!!





 So, don’t be ashamed and let it burn and burn bright.!!!!! Even not only for you, but also to help everyone else around you!!!!

 Stop body shaming!!!

Loads of Love,



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