The Trendy STANCE Socks – Don’t underestimate a pair of socks

Why these STANCE socks should entering our wardrobe as an akzeptabel accessory? 


The Trendy STANCE Socks - Don't underestimate a pair of socks


Socks are normally one of the most underestimated accessory in our wardrobe. When you’re getting dressed they’re often out of sight or hidden, like tucked inside shoes or up pant legs and when they do appear, they’re typically attempting to be as unimpressive and mousy as possible. But in my opinion, you should use socks as an statement and real accessory, they can completely change any of your looks. Fortunately, the statement socks are a big trend in the last few years and more and more people are opting for fun versions of this little accessory. 


I feel the same way and I have found for me the STANCE socks, they have so many cool and fun patterns and the material is so comfortable to wear. I don’t wanna miss them anymore. Especially in the current winter session. Because even on Gran Canaria, we have really cold weather right now. And I’m so happy that we brought from our last trip various pair of STANCE socks. 

Currently, my favourite statement socks are these pairs of STANCE socks, which you can see on the photos. They add a touch of pop colors to my outfits and they keep my feet warm as well as they provide good wear comfort. These socks are easy to mix and match with various shoe styles including boots and even sandals or stilettos (who likes it).


The Trendy STANCE Socks - Don't underestimate a pair of socks


And now ask yourself!

Why should you wear boring little black or white socks when you can wear funny and really comfortable STANCE socks instead? This trend is super versatile makes you happy and can easily complete your evening and daily looks.

If you’re not sure how statement socks can lift up your style, check out some of my next “Look of the Week’s”.

I will show you 3 ways how you can add STANCE socks to your everyday outfits.


The Trendy STANCE Socks - Don't underestimate a pair of socks


So, if you got curious, I would be happy if you gonna pass by again.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.



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What I wore: STANCE socks, white tee
Styling and Photos by Look2ocean

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