S/S 2017 Fashion Trends – The spirit of the ’80s is back

Today I would like to show you the hottest fashion trends of the spring/summer season 2017. 

I have compiled the most important fashion trends and summarized the information in a shortened form. Thus you have a better overview.

Spring is again around the corner and luckily to my taste the spirit of the ’80s is back, what we already notice in the current fashion trends, which are in the shops right now. I personally really prefer these fashion trends because I’m a child of the 80s/90s… ;-).

Enjoy reading!




  • Stripes is really big this Spring. In any shape are accepted, but favorably in colors and more as in color blocking than identical. Doing stripes with anything denim is what you need to care about in Spring 2017.


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends


1980s life is on!

  • It’s been a gradual process and embracement from designers, but the 80s rock decade is here to stay for a few months at least. You’re free to choose from whatever genre you like. From leather (rock), denim (functional) or oversized (office wear). Don’t forget to add neon colors or intense pastel tones and all kind of ruffles at skirts, blouses, shirts and sweaters.


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends


Flower Power

  • Flower power of the late 1960s and early 1970s is back and I really mean Flower Power because the flowers should be in a retro shape and touch. It’s only logical that floral prints are also taking place in spring 2017. Especially floral print from head to toe!!!


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends


Statement Tees

  • Tees with prints and statements are back. Actually, right now I ask myself: Have they ever been out of fashion though? Make a statement this Spring by a text or a quote you stand by. A graphic tee is a fun way of mixing things up but also a great way of declaring what you feel without needing to waste time on it. 


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends -2091587-1487697938.640x0c


Super Brights

  • Pink And Yellow being one of the top color trends this year even in combination. But a monochrome look in pink or in yellow is the hottest trend. But I saw pink and lots of pink. I think it will play a very bold part. I love them both. If pink isn’t your vibe, take the multicolor shades of S/S 17. There are a lot of shocking shades this year.


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends


Mix & Match

  • Many designers are pushing forward with the concept of mix and match. If that sounds daunting, don’t be afraid. For example, a portable simple garment, which is mixed with the freaked Electric New Wave trend accessory. For sure, now you will often find that a crazy pieces, which are simply combined with regular garments. 


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends



  • Some brands comes armed with subtle details to make even the simplest item seem like the most exciting thing you’ve ever seen.  If your fashion approach has always been “less is more,” join the gang.


S/S 2017 Fashion Trends



I hope you like a few fashion trends of this season. If not, doesn’t matter. Important is that you find your own style and feel comfortable with it. But the one or other small detail could be integrated into some outfits… ;-))

On Sunday I will publish another outfit post and some of the spring fashion trends are integrated yet. But I would say, it’s a winter/spring transition outfit, especially for the climate here in Gran Canaria.

Cheers, Katy!


Photo credits: WhoWhatWear
Text: Look2ocean 

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