My Cute Sporty-Look Of The Day

Yeah…I just want to show you my new sporty-look, which fits perfectly to my Blackroll-Tools. I always use my Blackroll MED and my Blackroll Balls (12cm and 8 cm) after a tough workout. Blackroll is a german brand which produce different tools of foam roller. Foam rolling is one of the latest trends in health and fitness. 


On Sunday I will come up with the top five reasons why I think that everyone should be using it and starting as soon as possible. Plus how my sporty-look will suite me, due to the right color choice…;-)

I love color schemes and I’m going crazy with this one.

Shopping details of my sporty-look you will find below.


See you on Sunday!



My Cute Sporty-Look Of The Day


Shop the sporty-look: Top, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Blackroll MED, Blackroll Balls
Shot and Styling by Look2:ocean


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