Hey Passenger- Embrace Your Own Journey

As a “passenger” I embrace the journey of my own life whatever that might be.




Passenger eco friendly clothing label   Passenger eco friendly clothing label


I am totally happy that my journey has brought me to this clothing brand.

Not only because they create eco friendly, cool clothes, but also they want to inspire people to find their own path, push their boundaries and embrace their own journey. 

The heart of the Label “Passenger” is escapism, a constant desire to get off grid, wander, travel to connect with people and nature. 

In this time more and more eco friendly brands are popping up, and more and more existing brands are creating sustainable and ethical collections or doing their part to implement greener business practices. Which means that it’s easier than ever for us, as consumers, to contribute to the health of the environment. 

By supporting sustainable brands, we’re helping to ensure that their success will encourage more and more brands to follow in their eco-friendly footsteps, which will indeed have a significant impact on the planet. Oh, and I mentioned that there are some really stylish brands?

First time I saw some of the “Passenger” pieces, I was really impressed, that they produce eco friendly and sustainable clothes. Then I noticed how much value they put on the details, so that the design of the clothes impressed me, too. I can confirm that the clothes bring you out of the grid and they are suitable for everyday life. All products are inspired and designed of this issue, in hope that more stories will be told to get out of the grid and eco friendly clothes aren’t always unfashionable.

So glad I can add these two pieces to my wardrobe. That’s why I prepared some outfits with them. Just to share with you a part of my journey and story. Because I would like to inspire and encourage you to escape through your own journey even it’s only for a short while. 


Passenger eco friendly clothing label  Passenger eco friendly clothing label


If you are interested in how I combine hoodie and top to an adorable outfit, then check out the upcoming article on Sunday. I will show you my first outfit, combined with the top.

Have a nice one!



Passenger – The Lable Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water. Outfits coming soon….!


Pics by Look2:ocean

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