Just a normal “Look of the day”

Hey, Hope everybody is doing fine. Then I will go on with another “look of the day”.

This is fortunately a smooth week. So I finally had the opportunity to care about those things for which otherwise I don’t have time and which I usually put off. As office work, visit my bank, dentist and the Registration Office. But the most important is, that now have enough time, to care intensive about myself  to engage in things, like preparing healthy food, realizing tough workouts or just relax… 😉

That’s why I would like to show my very normal ” look of the day” which I wore yesterday. My fav daily uniform is currently a cozy sweater and denim, as I told you, for sure, before.

So I combined an oversized woolen sweater in navy blue with my always worn denim pants in boyfriend cut. I finished my look with some accessories which are all in my recently favorite color scheme. Like blue, gray and smoked rose. 

At the moment I try to wear as warm, soft and cuddly as possible because feeling so comfy in it. But I also need the possibility, at noon when becomes warm, to take off the sweater and scarf. Therefor I need always a nice basic tee. 

If you are interesting to shop one or other item I prepared the links of the garments below.


Hope you like yesterday’s “look of the day”! If yes, then check the details below.


See you on Sunday!



Just a normal "Look of the day"

Just a normal "Look of the day"


Shop yesterday’s Look of the day: Sweater, Denim Pants, Scarf, Tee, Sneakers, Sunglasses, Bracelet blue, Shell-Bracelet
Pics and Styling by Look2:Ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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