How to find a nightout look

To find a nightout look it’s a little bit trickier than a normal one. It’s all about taking risks and amping up your every day style. When you’re getting dressed, incorporate 3 simple style tricks to master your best look.

  1. Add a pop up color
  2. Play around with different textures
  3. Try a few bold accessories.

To get some inspiration how to use the tricks for a nightout look we did a shooting really early in the morning after a funny night time with the girls. At this night I chose to rock. So I tend to go a little edgier and darker with different textures. I paired a pink satin dress (pop up colors) with my black biker jacket (different textures). The draped dress hid perfectly my little flaps but let me allow to show some curves that I felt a kind of hot. What not occurs so often.   😉


How to find a nightout look  How to find a nightout look

How to find a nightout look  How to find a nightout look


For the pink nightout dress, I chose a black heel to help elongate my legs but they were not so high cause I love to dance and this pair of stilettos was conformable enough to move my body. My super cool handbag with its metallic stars, was an eye catcher and as well a perfect storage for all the things I need at night (bold accessories).


How to find a nightout look  How to find a nightout look


I had the chance to use some pieces of  my friends jewelry label EL Arte Violana. She borrowed me a beautiful combination of necklace, bracelet and pendants made of anthracite colored hematite and zircon beads. Some silver metal like the magnetic snap at the necklace and bracelet is a small detail what I really like. The character of the creation is fine and delicate. But the contrast to the bawdy leather jacket, is indeed a risky combination (bold accessories). But viewed the whole look everything fits together very well.


How to find a nightout look  How to find a nightout look


As well the beautiful-romantic but a lil edgy hairstyle seems to fit perfect. Really appreciate the help of my friend. Because I can’t. The truth is I don’t have the patience for this. She made me a messy low hair bun with some edgy braided details. I love it…!!!! Just a pity that it was so windy this morning. Thanks a lot to Sandra for the great hairstyle!!!


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Photos by Dein Glücksmoment

Styling by LOOK2:ocean


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