My fav leather jacket

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 Do you have a fav leather jacket as well? Yes…? Cool!!!

Today I will show you my fav leather jacket and how I combine it! I’ve just picked out a few outfit-shots of the past months. As you can see, this leather jacket can be easily combined with everything, whether it’s chick, classic, sporty or elegant. This leather jacket I bought more than 2 years ago at H & M and it has already provided me really good services. This garment is by far the most that I have worn. It is still in fashion as it was 2 years ago. This means it is a timeless piece of clothing, which hardly gets out of style. And if so, the leather jacket is back in the following year. This is one of the “good clothes” we call and we should find it in a good organized wardrobe. Because this jacket can be combined with so many things and different styles. It is a pleasure to call this piece my own.

That’s why it’s my general favorite piece … !!!

My fav leather jacket  My fav leather jacket

My fav leather jacket  My fav leather jacket

My fav leather jacket

My fav leather jacket  My fav leatherr jacket


Thanks to the leather jacket, I will continue to combine many more great outfits… ;-))

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing as well? If yes, which one? I’m curious about your comments … !!!


Foto of m fav leatherjacket by LOOK2:ocean
Fotos of the  leatherjacket outfits by Dein Glücksmoment
Styling of the  outfits by LOOK2:ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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