My fav autumn basics

We are striding with big steps to the autumn season and my wardrobe needs a refresh with some autumn basics. I’ve already begun to sort out the summer pieces as well as put together my favorite clothes for the coming fall season. Today I would like to show you some autumn basics. It’s not only new clothes. I have kept much from the last year and added just a few new things.

These autumn basics, is a super foundation for different looks:


My fav autumn basics

Autumn Basics: biker jacket, woolen coat, denim jacket



You can never have enough in autumn. Leather jacket, denim jacket and woolen coat in many beautiful cuts, colors and materials.


Cuddly sweaters:

These are the classics in my wardrobe. I wear them under the leather jacket or in combination with an Oversize jeans jacket.



The thicker and more cuddly, the better.



For bad-hair-days the best.


My fav autumn basics

Autumn Basics: Hose, Sneaker, Boots



Is an all-rounder and for me in autumn indispensable. I like to wear my black skinny jeans which fits easily to everything.


Pinstripes pants:

But also a cozy colored pinstripes pants lets my heart beat faster.



All kinds of boots and ankle boots are hip this season. Can be rather coarser: thick boots with thick soles. I like more the rock style, so I have one pair with platform and profile sole.



Rounds off the sporty look perfectly. As well I like to wear unusual colors or forms. I have many pairs of colorful sneaker.

What are your favorite basics for autumn? Write a comment, maybe I forgot something …. ;-)))


On Sunday will have another workout-look to motivate you to get started to do sport in autumn…;-))

Til Sunday.



Autumn basics pics by LOOK2:ocean

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