How To Mix Different Textures

Mixing Winter’s Most Gorgeous Textures

Brocade, velvet, metallic, satin, silk,  leather, mesh,…so many gorgeous textures to choose from. How are you supposed pick just one to wear, on any given winter day? The answer is simple: Wear them all together!

Mixing different textures and patterns is a fabulous way to create more variety in your outfits, giving your outfit an interesting depth which is definitely a must if you want to take a more individualistic and personal approach to dressing.

But mixing patterns and textures can be tricky which often result in wrong combinations that don’t look that good. This is why most people say they’d never do it. But seriously, it can look amazing if done correctly!

What are the rules for mixing different textures, and also how do I mix patterns?


How To Mix Different Textures  How To Mix Different Textures


I prepared for you the most important rules to try.


Patterns and textures that won’t compete with each other

Wearing two super-bold patterns makes it look like you got dressed drunk or in the dark.

Instead, combine a large floral skirt with a versatile two-tone striped top. Or black lace tights with a plaid shirt.

Same color family

Your patterns should share the same color scheme. Or a print that has atleast one of the colors of the other print.

Break it up a bit

Give your outfit some rest by breaking it up with a basic, solid color. This makes your outfit look more balanced and modern. Adding basic colors is one of the best strategies to wearing prints subtly.


How To Mix Different Textures  How To Mix Different Textures  How To Mix Different Textures  


Some prints can be neutrals

Think tweed skirts and dress pants  with pinstriped or a small houndstooth jacket. And even black and white, navy blue and white. They are so classic and understated, they become a neutral and can be topped with two other print pieces. 

Don’t go too matchy-matchy

Similar polka dot patterns from top to toe make it looks like you’re overly confined to fashion rules. As if your outfit is too well-thought and predictable. It just isn’t exciting to look at. Add a few surprises by wearing different types of prints and textures.


How To Mix Different Textures  How To Mix Different Textures 


I hope my article helps you to understand how it works and dare you to combine a fabulous texture-mix-outfit. If you want to know more about these things, then follow me on Instagram or Facebook, that you don’t miss the upcoming posts. 


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