It’s all about life, passion and a classy shirt

Nothing better then a timeless and classy shirt.

Hi there, Today I used a slogan of one of my favs fashion brands in Cape Town, which classy shirt I wore once in Woodstock. Woodstock has been the epicenter for street art and it’s truly a place to get inspired as you can see at the photos.


It's all about Life, Passion and a classy Shirt

It's all about Life, Passion and a classy Shirt It's all about Life, Passion and a classy Shirt


I would like to introduce the fashion brand, called Bluecollarwhitecollar, because for me this brand is so inspiring and cool. This Label has a few stores in Capetown. We found one of these stores downtown next to the Longstreet.

As a fashion stylist and dress maker I was really thrilled to discover a shop like this. They create garments mostly shirts and tees with a retro-classic twist for everyone to look stylish in. A big reason why I really like this brand is that everything is produced in old scholl, traditional factories in Cape Town. I could linger extensively in this shop… 🙄 


It's all about Life, Passion and a classy Shirt  


Actually I could buy almost everything but I refrained from doing it and I just bought one shirt. This classy shirt is made of 100% blue colored cotton with a lightly camouflage patten, which is shimmering only when the light hits the material. As I saw this shirt I wanted to wear immediately because it’s got personality. Due to its unique, classically timeless and its touch of the latest fashion trend makes me look and feel good from the first time. 


 It's all about Life, Passion and a classy Shirt  It's all about Life, Passion and a classy Shirt 


I combined my fav classy shirt with a black ripped and oversized denim short, a basic white V-neck shirt and my beloved Vans. As accessories I wore my new handmade wooden watch, sunglasses and my old sack bag. Nothing more to be dressed… ;-))

Grab your own classy shirt. It’s alway worth it and a must have piece in your wardrobe.


Do you also bring some pieces with you when you leave your holiday location? What have you brought? Thanks for the comments.


To shop my favorite Cape Town-inspired style! I will prepare a detailed post next week. 


Shots by Daniell Bohnhof Photography with my Fuji XT 10
Styling by Look2:ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria.

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