Look Of The Week -Jumpsuit, Playsuit Or Romper ???

What is the difference between playsuit, jumpsuit and romper?

Do you know it?


I have noticed their is a bit confusion about the term of jumpsuit, playsuit and romper

That’s why I would like to explain the difference.

These garments have become quite popular in the last few years. Wearing them is super easy and can be dressed up and down. 


Look Of The Week -Jumpsuit, Playsuit Or Romper ???



Is a item of clothing that incorporates a top and trousers in one clothe with short or long sleeves and long legs.


Look Of The Week -Jumpsuit, Playsuit Or Romper ???



The playsuit is often applied to short legged jumpsuits but also sometimes to the 1950s sets of shorts and tops. But that is not the kind of playsuits I’m talking about there though. I’m talking about this playsuits you can see on the pics. An ALL-IN ONE with short legs and sleeves or even sleeveless with streps.


Look Of The Week -Jumpsuit, Playsuit Or Romper ???



Is similar to a playsuit. mostly short sleeved and legged and incorporate a top and bottom in one garment, too. Generally the same type of garment. But I think it is depends on the brands. Some brands call them playsuits and other brands call them romper.


Look Of The Week -Jumpsuit, Playsuit Or Romper ???


The All-In-One garments look great paired with sandals or heels and a hat. 

I paired my floral and airy playsuit/romper with the plateau sandals and my straw hat, as you see on the pics.


Hope you like my “Look Of The Week”.


Till next time and enjoy your weekend!!!



Pics and Styling by Look2:ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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