How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer

Today I will talk about the Midi Skirt and a bit about the corset belt.

This spring it seems like every possible fabric, cut, and skirt style out there looks better in midi than mini or maxi. The hottest skirts of this spring have a strong retro influence, while keeping a modern twist on them.

Never thought I’d say this but I’m pretty ready to trade my mini skirt into a knee- to calf-length skirt. Am I really getting that old? Or am I just a fashion victim? 


How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer  


But let us leave aside this… 😉

More important to know is: How to style a full midi skirt? And avoid looking frumpy or swallowed up into a big ball of fabric.


I was wondering, why not mix this retro skirt style with the other big styles and trends of this season?  For example PUNK/Grunge, and its versions, like Leather, statement tees or hoodies, boots or tennis shoes etc… It might look good?!

So I gave it a try and paired a floral print A-Line midi skirt with my new Hoodie of the eco-friendly Brand “Passenger” (I spoke about this brand in some articles before). Further I added as accessorie my pink mini bag, which I used it in some outfit before. If you obviously can see, I decided to go for a corset belt.


How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer  How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer  How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer


This brings us to the next topic. The Corset Belts. They are exactly what they sound like, a mix between an old-fashioned corset, what women used to wear to make their waists appear tinier, and a wide belt.

This accessory has been seen and talked about world over. It´s another trend to be tried this summer and it is definitely the statement of the season. The tricky part is how to wear it? 

There are always a lot of choices, but it depends on your personal style. Corset belts seem elegant, sophisticated and seductive, but that doesn’t mean they can”t be paired with casual items. According to my style I teamed it up with the loose A-Line midi skirt and a comfy hoodie to make me look more flattering and to do something different. As shoes I chose some ankle-high NIKE sporties in bold color. 


How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer  How To Style A Midi Skirt This Spring/Summer


I know it is a little daring outfit, but sometimes you have to… ;-))


What do you think about the midi skirt and corset belt. Are you with them this summer season?

Maybe I could motivate you at least to try it out…! In this case, I prepared a link of every item below to recreate the look.





Recreate the Look: Hoodie, Skirt, Corset Belt, Mini Bag, Nike Boots


Pics by Dein Glücksmoment
Styling by Look2:ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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