Hoodie Obsession – Who doesn’t love to wear a comfy hoodie?

As you may have noticed the hoodie is totally trendy right now!! Who doesn’t love to leave the house in a comfy hoodie? I’m definitely in favor…!!! Honestly, I have a really big obsession for this it piece.



Hoodie Obsession


It’s so cool, that due to the hoodie you have the opportunity of different stylings. It’s a perfect all day long look. Doesn’t mean only if you’re wearing a hoodie you’re ready for an evening on the couch…;-)

Actually the styling options for hoodies are endless. I think it’s absolutely adorable to style it with heels because it’s so contrary. Also styled with a denim skirt, a hoodie can look gorgeous and it’s more casual. 


Hoodie Obsession

Hoodie Obsession


The hoodie is for sure the centerpiece of my outfit. Today I was going for a more casual look. I combined it with an denim skirt and my new running shoes. These sneakers are super comfortable to walk in and all in all just the perfect shoe for me.
As I didn’t want the outfit to be too sporty I finished it with the black biker jacket, which I already have worn the last two years, I thing even three years, and I can say it was such a good find! The jacket gives the look this little extra kick and makes it more fashionable in my opinion.


Hoodie Obsession  


I still having the Easter holiday mood.  You too…?

On Sunday I’ll be back with an interesting new article!!!! 

Till then,



Recreate my Look: Sweater, Denim Skirt, Biker Jacket, Sneakers
Pics and Styling by Look2ocean


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