This Handcrafted Wooden Watch Is My Favorite Watch

In one of my previous articles you already saw my wooden watch. I combined it with my chunky knits sweater at home and I added it to my Cape Town-Look.


When we were in Cape Town between Christmas and New Year, I bought a new timepiece. Back from my adventures in Cape Town, I can say this is the best souvenir I bring. This handcrafted wooden watch is definitely my favorite watch by far. The fact that the watch is made of wood gives it a very special style and unique look. All watches of Bettél are made by high-quality stainless steel, carbon fibre, natural wood and leather. The details are incredible and it goes perfectly with everything I have in my wardrobe. The benefit of wood means also that the watch is very light. It’s really comfortable to wear. I absolutely love my watch! 


And what I also really appreciate about this brand, is the lifestyle and motive of the inventors of this Label:

A young couple decided to create a business that revolves around the core concepts of harmony, sustainability and quality. They welcome equilibrium in their personal and professional lives, and after work they can be found surfing using self-made surfboards. Their lifestyle is reflected in their wooden watches. Together their idea is to use their creativity to create products that can be manufactured in South Africa to produce jobs and to utilize the amazing resources their country offers. They also want to inspire and motivate people to follow their passions and use their talents.

Absolut cracking…this guys!!!! 

In this sense…. Don’t wait for opportunities. Create it!!!!

See you on Wednesday!



This Handcrafted Wooden Watch, Is My Favorite Watch By Far


Shot by Daniell Bohnhof Photography with my Fuji XT-10

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