How Is The Guideline Of Wearing A Band T-Shirt?

Call me petty and pedantic, but I’m tired of seeing people wearing a band t-shirt of bands they know nothing about them.



In my youth I always was a music chameleon, even today. But I was often guided by my brother. There were Depeche Mode, Iron Maidon, ACDC, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Ramones, Pixies. Maybe some of you know that I have a special bond to Depeche Mode.  🙄 

I listened to their music and studied the lyrics. Me and my friends talked about the meaning of the lyrics. I went to festivals and concerts. We visited a Guns N’ Roses Concert where Soundgarden and Faith No More were the opening acts or various Depeche Mode Concerts. Unfortunately I never bought one of the so called Band T-shirts. But last year I bought my first band T-Shirt when I visited a Concert of Depeche Mode in Paris. I love to wear this T-Shirt because it reminds me at a wonderful time I could join. 





Now it is a big fashion trend to wear band T-shirts, which are extremely popular not only among rock experts but also among fashionistas.

Iron Maiden or the Ramones are particular favorites of the female celebrities and fashion blogger but it’s debatable how many of them could actually quote any Iron Maiden lyrics or even know the bands of the T-Shirt they wear.

So I asked myself , is it OK to wear a band T-shirt of a band you don’t know? 

In my opinion we should at least know the band and we maybe need a guideline of wearing a band T-Shirt correctly. 

Check it out what I mean:



  How are the rules of wearing a band T-Shirt?  How are the rules of wearing a band T-Shirt?



How to wear it?

I say, never team a rock T-shirt with luxury labels. If you’re rock’n’roll to the bone you wear it accordingly with jeans, boots, sneakers, even high heels, but a leather jacket is a must have. Whatever floats your boat. Important zou have to own your style.

Don’t forget, wearing a band T-shirt is a form of promotion, so make sure you’re a fan or at least you should know the band. 

Customise with scissors and make it more girly .

I love mens inspired rock T-shirts and then taper and mend accordingly. You will find a lot of tutorials in the internet.



How are the rules of wearing a band T-Shirt?

How are the rules of wearing a band T-Shirt?  How are the rules of wearing a band T-Shirt?



Where to buy it?

Rock fans will always say only buy official merchandise at the concert or festival. So some of the proceeds go back to the band. While we don’t condone copies, there are band tees available at a plethora of online fashion sites as well as some shop like Pull&Bear, Zara, Leftie and Co. But why not hit the vintage or second hand shops? You may even find a rare tour T-shirt that you’ll cherish forever. 



How are the rules of wearing a band T-Shirt?



T-shirt is one of the most important item of clothing for most people all over the world, most especially because the tee trend is being embraced by celebrities and fashionistas. Now, everyone wants at least half a dozen of great looking tees in their wardrobe.

How about you? What’s your take on band shirts? Is it just a trend to be kept far away from a feminine wardrobe or is it a cool touch to your outfit? Let me know in the comments below!


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Let’s rock it!!!



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