Jumpsuit: Ready and go

Jumpsuit…how wonderful. It was never so simple to dress!!!

Jumpsuit: Ready to go  Jumpsuit: Ready to go


More and more I like to grab a jumpsuit, add shoes, jewelry and a nice handbag and I’m ready to go. There are no limits, neither to the fantasy nor to the events. Whether sexy, sporty or kittenish, whether for leisure time, work or a festive events, a jumpsuit transforms every woman into a fashionista. Even at any age.

Normally it is very difficult for me to find a suitable jumpsuit, because I have quite short legs and often the pants length is too long. However I  like these cozy and at the same time classic ONE PIECE so much that I don’t want to go without it and fortunately high heels exist, due to this the legs are extended and seem longer.

For me, the jumpsuit should be as multifunctional as possible. That’s why I added a neutral gray. However, the “hottest” is still el black one. But also white, khaki or oliv, as well as powdery nude tones are really hip right now.

The materials are velvet, silk, satin and sequined fabrics, which shows us that the jumsuit is more and more useable for evening and wedding dresses. Above all, it is particularly sought-after in its cuts as culotte or palazzo trousers. Just like a cooler dress  … ;-))


Jumpsuit: Ready to go


What was actually used as a comfortable suit for babies and children or as a practical workwear for fitters is now a true fashion statement. A simple jumpsuit can be combined with the layer-look, with Bling-Bling-jewelery or completely pure and versatile as well. Its versatility makes the jumpsuit not only for leisure during the day, but also for the party useable.

But I have to warn you: A suitable jumpsuit is usually hard to find. Because all the lengths and widths have to be the correct measure, so the jumpsuit is well fitting.


Jumpsuit: Ready to go  Jumpsuit: Ready to go  Jumpsuit: Ready to go


I added a wonderful long and gold colored necklace with an embedded rock crystal and matching earrings with  cross details and differently colored beads, which fit perfectly to my outfit. As you can see, you don’t need much to be well dressed. Often is less MORE!

This was the last outfit of my maxi dress series. I hope you like it and you got some ideas and trips. The next outfit shooting is already been planned and I was already on the road to search for cool autumn outfits. Be ready for somsurprises. All about cozy autumn looks…;-)

Shop the jumpsuit look: overall, bag, jewelry

Pics by Dein Glücksmoment

Styling by LOOK2:ocean und Styleconsulting Gran Canaria.

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