Floppy Sun Hat

Grateful to have my floppy sun hat.


floppy sun hat


I think we can all agree that when it comes to summer, there’s a lot to love. The days are longer, the nights are warmer and the outfits are more scarce. But there’s one little thing about summer that can wreak your health. There are the  intense sun rays. By now we all know how important it is to wear sunblock every single day, but when the temps are on the rise and we’re spending so much time outside, sometimes we just need a little extra help.


floppy sun hat  floppy sun hat


Then it comes to wear a sun hat. Happy that the current beach fashion bring out a huge and marvelous range of sun hats. From the panama hat to the fedora or to a big floppy sun hat. A chic summer topper is the perfect way to complete an adorable outfit and also helps you avoid sun damage and prevent skin cancer. To block those rays and look stylish at the same time, I’ve rounded up one of my fav´s bikinis with a huge floppy sun hat. Take a look…I love it!!!


floppy sun hat  floppy sun hat


Further I chose a  bracelet with natural stones of Karneol and tiger eye crafted by my beloved EL Arte Violana. Not only because its orange and brown colored stones fit perfectly to my Bikini I love this bracelet but also that both stones should have healing effects on the carrierEven in antiquity these stones have been used a lot for jewelry. So, even in the past they are highly appreciated. In any case for me they have something special. El Arte Violana created a harmonious composition mixed with matching glass beads and a silver-colored but nickel-free tiny detail like the Tree of Life as you can see at the picture. Every piece have lovely details which make everything special but not overloaded. The creations of El Arte Violana are all little treasures with the right balance of glamour. If you like to grab also a beautiful piece of her creations then click here (El Arte Violana) and contact her.


floppy sun hat  floppy sun hat

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Have a great start into a new week tomorrow!!!




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Photos by Dein Glücksmoment

Styling by LOOK2:Ocean

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