Floppy Straw Hats Are A Good Investment This Summer

We’re going to be seeing a lot of floppy straw hats this summer. Do you already have one…?


Why floppy straw hats are a good investment this summer you will find out here:

For sure, you already  know about the issue sun protection. How does the skin feel when we expose ourselves to the sun and what cause UVA rays? Everyone knows the answer. So I definitely will wear a hat at the beach, especially in Gran Canaria. Unfortunately, I live, here in Gran Canaria, in the most windiest palace in whole Europe. It might be a little difficult to wear a hat the whole time. But I will definitely try!


Stay cool under a hat, protect skin and hair from dehydration, and at the same time save the make-up from melting away is a perfect combination.

At least is it a aggregate opportunity for woman who like to use make-up at the beach. I prefer to go without make-up. But each to his own! With the variety of fashionable straw hats hitting the stores now, you can fully enjoy the summer trend and get some protection from the sun, too, which additionally adds to your health. Therefor, don’t think twice!!! You will find now every shape, from oversized floppies to fancy fedoras. My fav one is recently this oversized floppy straw hat with bow.


Floppy Straw Hats Are A Good Investment This Summer


What I love about all these straw hats is, the base color makes them to neutral accessories, that we can combine them to any colored outfit. No matter what shape or size you end up getting, these straw hats are flattering for everyone. Especially wide floppy straw hats will make your face appear smaller! 

Have fun this summer and stay stylish under the sun and particularly healthy…

…and please, don’t forget to put SPF, also under the straw hat! The whole body will thank you!!!





Floppy Straw Hats Are A Good Investment This Summer


PS: Stay curious, because I prepared a beautiful outfit with this floppy straw hat and a kimono made of light fabrics. Just perfect for some peaceful and relaxed summer hang outs. 😉



Pic and Styling by Look2ocean

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