Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down!

Hello my Dears, Today I would like to write about Fast Fashion that concerns me as Fashion-Stylist and let me serious thinking about it. 

It’s frightening that we find everything in abundance. Not just food but almost everything inclusive clothes. In some stores, I really wonder how can it works to offer clothing so cheaply that everyone earns money …? For sure something or somebody falls by the wayside. And indeed, our nature and the factory workers are those who lose, which makes me very sad.


 Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down!  Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down! 


That’s why I would like to ask all of us:

Let us slow down the fast fashion! 

I think it’s important that we gonna get a new awareness of our clothes and the way to use.

I’m for example not a friend of wearing clothes only one season or even only once for a special occasion. This is wasteful. For this reason I create this outfit. I would like to show you what we can do to slow down this much too fast fashion world.

I don’t want to say, that we should no longer support Fast Fashion. In my opinion it brings nothing, because of the economic reasons not everyone has the chance to stop it. But at least we can do something to change some of our habits.

First of all I would like to explain the term „Fast Fashion“:

Fast Fashion creates collections that are produced by very low cost and imitate the latest fashion trends. These trends change incredibly fast. Often, the latest styles and trends are out of fashion within a few weeks. Fast Fashion dictates an incredible speed, but unlike high fashion is fast fashion clothing cheap and usually made out of lower-quality and petro-chemical-based materials, which is easier and cheaper to produce. Factory workers have to work extremely hard with really low salaries. On top of that they have to work everyday with highly chemical and toxic materials, which causing serious diseases. 


Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down!  Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down!   


I don’t want to promote the fast fashion but not everybody can afford sustainable fashion. The majority of the lifestyles in our society doesn’t have the budget especially the young people or even me. The choice to buy more expensive ethical goods is limited, especially when budgets are already squeezed. 

So what can we do, to make a change?

  • We can start to do informed and smart purchases: Buy less choose well!
  • Be creative with items you already have
  • Don´t go with every Fashion Trend
  • Use more timeless and basic garments
  • Incorporate garments in different areas (homewear, sportswear, streetwear, officewear)
  • Try secondhand garments. Can be just as good as new, sometimes relatively unworn

I paired todays outfit with an old summer maxi dress, which I already have it in my wardrobe since two years, with my woolen oversized sweater, which I use it also as loungewear at home. The sneakers, which I can call my own for awhile, are timeless and never go out of style. And if, they will come back after a few seasons. I can combine them with many different outfits and looks, which I already have in my closet. The backpack I found surprisingly at the flea market.


Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down!  Fast Fashion- It’s Time To Slow Down!


My dear ones, what do you think? Do you like my outfit?

We don’t need to have always the latest and most trendy clothes. This outfit still looks trendy…or not? You see, you can combine an old garment to a completely trendy look!

It’s  important and we should help with these small things to slow down the fast fashion.

In this sense, think about it and check out what you already have in your wardrobe, which you can use again and don’t buy immediately something new.

If you need help, then take a look at the page of Styleconsulting Gran Canaria. A professional style consultant helps to create the best and fashionable outfits of your existing clothes.


Pics by Dein Glücksmoment
MU & Hair: Tom & Frederick of FRDK Hair Salon
Styling by Look2:ocean and Stylconsulting Gran Canaria

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