For a Fashion Starlet, who wants to be different

How to style girly with edgy?


Are you also a fashion starlet?

To be honest, I’m a pretty big fashion starlet 🙄 . I know I’m actually almost to old for that, but I have always loved the mixture of that two different styles. Btw, it’s a good way to look younger… 😉


For a Fashion Starlet who wants to be different


So, for those who are not only a fashion starlet, but also a little bit older, it could be interesting!

Today’s post is all about how to mix girly and edgy pieces together into one cohesive look. This is just a perfect way to dress like a fashion starlet…believe me.

Adding contrasting pieces of clothing into one look can seem intimidating but you totally want to juxtapose a look, which fits to a fashion starlet like you are, because it’s trendy, you look seriously chic, it’s fun to combine unexpected items and when done correctly you are a styling goodness and fashion starlet at the same time.

It only takes 3 steps to create. 

Let’s get styled!


For a Fashion Starlet who wants to be different  For a Fashion Starlet who wants to be different



The first, and most obvious step, is to pick out your girly piece! I highly recommend your focal pieces of your outfit are feminine and then we will accessorize with more edgy items!

Focal pieces are the main items in your outfit, like pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, rompers, etc.!

When looking for feminine pieces look for clothing items made of light and airy fabrics. These are considered extremely feminine and they look amazing on all body types. The colors should be corresponded in light hues such as white, cream, blush, pastels, and neutral tones since these are softer tones and translate as very feminine.

My girly Items are definitely this pastel colored shorts made of light and airy viscose fabrics and the handcrafted off shoulder top made of a vintage mens shirt. 


Be careful, these items should be based on your own personal style!




The next style tip is to add darker hues to your look. This doesn’t mean you need to incorporate large amounts of black or gray. You can accomplish this style tip by wearing:

  • Shoes that have a darker color
  • A bag in black, which has also something different
  • A hair accessory such as a ribbon, headband or a hat

The main takeaway is to add darker tones to make your feminine piece not as sweet and yet your overall look doesn’t seem so overloaded!

For todays look I incorporated my favorite black flat sandals that include studs and I chose a black bag in format bandolier which has a detail of light pink faux, just to include something different! To add more dark hues I put my mens fedora hat on and a choker made of black velvet.


For a Fashion Starlet who wants to be different  For a Fashion Starlet who wants to be different


(This little men, who didn’t even come up the curb , made this shooting to a unique experience. Oh, how I would love to take home this little guy and give him everything he needs!!!! But he already has someone who is taking care of him. An old men from my home town Pozo Izquierdo. It’s always so funny to shoot in Pozo, because at every location you will meet someone you know and it’s always tempting to have a little chat. But, you know, with the fear to miss the right light, we needed to be attend not to talk so much although I would love to. But from this sweet thing I couldn’t leave my hands off.) 




This style tip ensures your look is totally unique!

Mens inspired pieces have been trending for awhile and is the perfect way to edge up your feminine look in a way that totally exudes “Fashion Starlet” vibes!

I’m wearing a mens hat and my beloved off-shoulder-top, which I made it out of a mens shirt. I love how this layering piece adds depth to my overall look while not overpowering my girly pieces!

Important is, you need a perfect amount of hardware and toughness in a gorgeous, dark neutral hue!

The men inspired pieces come in a variety of items. But you also can use rock and punk inspired items, which give you likewise a quiet edgy look!

Whatever piece you decide to style, it’s guaranteed you look a little different compare to others, what you indeed want to achieve as a fashion starlet…right?

Because a fashion starlet always wants to be different!!! 😉


For a Fashion Starlet who wants to be different


What do you think of today’s styling tips?! I would love to talk with you in the comments below!




Thank you to Sandra for the beautiful pictures!



Shop the fashion starlet look: Off Shoulder Shirt, Shorts, Bandolier Bag, Flat Sandals, Choker, Fedora Hat


Pics by Dein Glücksmoment
Styling by Look2ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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