The story of my Chucks Converse

My good old Chucks Converse!

I wear my Chucks Converse very frequently and you have certainly seen them some times at my outfits. If not … there will certainly be a few more … ;-).

I got my first pair of chucks when I was 15 years old. It was the ankle-high model in yellow. I really wanted to have them, so I saved all my pocket money to buy my first pair. I was so happy when I finally could buy them and I wore them non-stop. In this age the taste changes quickly and I forgot my good old chucks. I wish that today I still have them. They would be extremely old skool and cool now … ;-).

The Converse All Star Chucks were born in 1932 and they have not been changed until now. They are the best-selling shoes in the world. I bet most of you also had a pair or still own a pair of the legendary shoes. So I think it’s not necessary to introduce them. That’s why I decided to tell you the story of MY CHUCKS CONVERSE.


Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse

Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse  Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse

Based on this idea, to write a kind of visual story about my chucks, my boyfriend and I realized a private analog photo shooting about my pair of chucks. Actually this pair isn’t my first one. But if you still want to know the story of these classic chucks, enjoy the reading of my visual story.

Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse

Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse


First I want to say that the Converse All Star Chucks have never gone out of style. Nine years after my first pair (the yellow ones), I got this classic blue pair. I bought them in a shop in Hamburg. I can remember very well this beautiful summer day. Was on the road with a former colleague. We wanted to eat and drink in the, at this time, hippest district of Hamburg, called “Sternschanze”. The “Schanze”, as it called fondly, has a lot of great shops, bars, restaurants and artists. It’s a very open minded and versatile place. Everyone finds its niche. Artists, musicians, craftsmen, skater, athletes, alternatives, hippies, punks, rapper, business people, young and old and all multicultural. I love this place for the charm of its people who make up this district.

At this time there was a cool skater shop nearby, which we have checked out. And of course, I just found this pair of Chucks. I wasn’t able to leave them in the shop. I can remember that I was well advised by my colleague and after some back and forth I finally bought them.

Happy with my new purchase we went to the next tapas bar and we enjoyed good Portuguese tapas and even Portuguese beer. The evening ended up in a very nice and chilling atmosphere. It’s about 15 years ago and I still wear this pair. After so many years they are still in good shape. They should always have a vintage touch…it’s cooler anyway.

Besides, it’s great that this pair reminds me to a nice evening in a special surrounding and in good company in good old Germany. Sometimes it’s not a big occasion that makes me remember. A peaceful and harmonious time reminds me as well, with a big smile in my face. Big thanks to my former colleague Andreas for the patience and support with my purchase of shoes and good company.

I hope these shoes will take me anywhere and everywhere. I don’t think I’ve never travelled without them. They were always with me, in my suitcase or I wore them to my travel outfit. Our next destination is Cape Town. Just a little more than a month and we come back to Mother City. Can’t wait for it … ;-))


Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse

Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse

Die Geschichte meiner Chucks Converse


Do you have a Chucks Converse Story as well? What is your story? In case you don’t have a story in mind, here are a few questions from me that you can use as an aid:


When did you get your first pair of Converse?

What’s the craziest place you’ve gone in Chucks? 

How do you style your converse?

What do you like about your Chucks?

Where will they take you next?


Leave your story in the comments. If you have also a blog, Of course I’m very pleased if you write your own article about your chucks and link my article on your blog. Don’t forget to post your article here in the comments, that I don’t miss it. The funniest comments/articles which will be received until 31/01/2017, I will summarize them in a special article. I’m so curious about your Chucks Converse Story.

Have a fun writing!



Analogue Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography
Styling by LOOK2:ocean und Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

  • kelly

    Als ich 16 war und in England zur Schule gegangen bin, habe ich mir von meinem wenigen Taschengeld ein paar rote Chucks gekauft. Leider hat ein Junge in meiner Klasse diese Schuhe dann aus Spaß in den Mülleimer geschmissen. Die Putzfrau hat den Mülleimer entsorgt in den großen Container. Am nächsten Morgen habe ich das entdeckt und habe bitterlich geweint. Dem Jungen tat es im Nachhinein dann so leid, dass er mir ein paar neue Chucks (diesmal schwarze) gekauft hat. Diese Chucks hatte ich bestimmt 10 oder 12 Jahre. Ich habe sie sehr geliebt.


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