Look Of The Week – Another Striped Cullote Combo

Today is Sunday and I don’t want to detain you too long. I just would like to show you one of my “Look Of The Week’s” with another striped cullote combo.




Look Of The Week - Another Striped Cullote Combo



This outfit is just a mix of my last 2 outfits I published in “An Easy-Early Summer Look With A Striped Cullote” and “How To Style A Comfy But Cute Outfit?”.

I only changed the cullote, the shirt, the sneakers and I added only the sisal clutch.



Look Of The Week - Another Striped Cullote Combo



You see I always try to mix and match all of my new purchases with my already existing clothes. So in the end, I get with less garments  a lot more outfits. The shirt is for example from the last year and I have the denim jacket since so many years that I can’t remember when I purchased it. The nike sneakers I own since a couple of months. I only got new the cullote and the sisal clutch. 

Sure, I always tried to get with the trends and be fashionable. I’d spend a lot of  money on clothes and then a few months later, still feel like I didn’t have anything to wear and I realized that my methods weren’t sustainable. I worked on completely new outfits instead of building a mix and match wardrobe that suits me.



Look Of The Week - Another Striped Cullote Combo



You’re probably wondering whether it would be worth the effort!?

But a Mix and Match wardrobe has a lot of benefits, including time and money savings. I hope it has awoken your interest and maybe you have also the desire to recombine your wardrobe, so that you look and feel great every day.

Just one tip! Be patient with yourself as you build a core of your wardrobe, mix and match only pieces that you really love. At the beginning, I was basically starting from scratch. I didn’t have many shoes or much variety in my wardrobe. Slowly but surely, I’m upgrading pieces in my closet so that I absolutely love EVERYTHING in my Mix and Match wardrobe. 



Look Of The Week - Another Striped Cullote Combo



If you already have a Mix and Match Wardrobe?

What are your tips for us? Leave a comment below if you like to help us. 



Have a nice Sunday evening.





Get The Striped cullote Combo: Shirt, Cullote,Denim Jacket, Nike Sneakers, Sisal Clutch
Pics and styling by Look2:ocean


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