How Is The Best Way To Add The Trendcolor Lilac In Your Wardrobe?

Lilac has made its way from the 80s to the 2018 fashion trend color.



As I mentioned in one of my previous posts “Spring 2018 Trend Color” that Pantone announced “Ultra Violet” as the Color of the Year for 2018.

But what if you’re still in doubt with this color?


No Problem, There’s one hue in particular that seems to be popping up more than most: Lilac. This pale violet is the perfect way to add the violet trend in your wardrobe. There’s something that’s a shade less sweet about it compared to other pastels. Especially when paired with well-worn denim. 

For me the best way to incorporate this lilac tone, is with shoes. Luckily, I found these lilac-colored sneakers, which have become my favorite shoes. When I saw them for the first time, I could not keep my hand off them. I just had to grab them.

After almost half a year, I’m still happy with my choice. I really love the color because it evokes imagination, creativity and innovation, and what better way to show off the color of the year than through statement shoes?

But I’m ready for more. That’s why I’m thinking about a lilac colored classic 80s styled sweater worn with a blue jeans.



How Is The Best Way To Add The Trendcolor Lilac In Your Wardrobe?  How Is The Best Way To Add The Trendcolor Lilac In Your Wardrobe?


What’s about you?

Do you need a bit of convincing? Here are my rules for wearing the fashion forward shade Lilac:


1. Be Wary Of Black

Nothing ruins pastels quite like adding black, and lilac is no exception. Unless you’re going for a really edgy approach, try adding different shades of purple, denim or other pale shades for a street style-worthy look (light yellow).

2. Avoid Top Halves

Scared of looking washed out by the pale shade? Light skinned types should stick to accessories or bottom halves (we love wide leg pants and heels). Keep the colours close to your face stronger for a more flattering take.

3. Try Head-To-Toe

From dresses to matchy-matchy tops and pants, fashion girls are wearing the look from top to bottom for a cool take. Whether it’s a suit or maxi dress, the sartorially brave will love this look. But the emphasis is on trying! Because not everyone is brave enough. Which is completely ok.

4. Keep Things Simple

Lilac may look great on ruffled blouses and floral dresses, but for a chic approach look to try out, search for simple, unfussy designs and tailoring.

5. If In Doubt, Accessorise

Still unsure? Forget buying garments in the shade and instead opt for accessories. As you can see, shoes in this color are also cool.



How Is The Best Way To Add The Trendcolor Lilac In Your Wardrobe?



To prepare you, I’ve rounded up some essential lilac pieces. Scroll down to check out which lilac pieces are ok for your wardrobe:



How Is The Best Way To Add The Trendcolor Lilac In Your Wardrobe?



Happy Shopping,


Get the essential lilac pieces: knit fitted jumper, oversized jumper, v-neck jumper, jacket, jacket, coat, dress, dress, hoodie, shorts, long skirt, midi, trousers, trousers tweed, t-shirt, top, body, bumbag, backpack, clutch, book bag, beret, belt, New Balance sneakers, sneakers, sock boots, sling back heel






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