DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts

Do you know how to make a DIY one-shoulder top out of a mens shirt?


One-shoulder pieces start dominating the grounds now and making an appearance at the almost present summer season. Grab an old mens shirt and scroll on for the 12 steps on how to make an DIY one-shoulder top. Trust me, this trend isn’t going away any time soon and the top is really easy to make… 😉


DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts  


Last week I shared the same top with denim pants and as I said last time I paired these asymmetrical top again, but as a more elegant way, with a stripe shorts, blue sandal heels in velvet and a metallic colored mini bag. 

So simple but fully dressed for an summer night out or a dinner.


DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts  DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts


Let´s start with the things you need to make this DIY one-shoulder top:

  • 1 mens shirt
  • 2 cm wide elastic
  • tailor’s chalk or marking pen
  • scissors
  • unpicker
  • pins
  • safty pin
  • thread
  • tape measure or a big ruler
  • and last ut not least the sewing machine


And now, here are the steps for you:



  1. Unpick and remove any pockets and buttons from the shirt.
  2. Turn the shirt around with the back facing up. Cut off one sleeve and diagonally through the shirt to create the one shoulder look (check out the upper image)
  3. Cut the shirt to the desired length, saving the off-cut from the bottom for the ruffle section at the waistline, which we will create later on.
  4. Fold, pin and sew the top raw edge of the shirt down 2.5cm, or the width of the elastic + 0.5cm, to create the tunnel for the elastic to go through.
  5. Measure from the top of one shoulder to the under arm of the other and back around. With this measurement, cut the elastic to length about 5cm shorter than this measurement (this is to make sure the elastic is tight enough so the top won’t fall off).
  6. Using the help of a safety pin(or anything similar you can find around the house) and thread the elastic through the tunnel then secure the ends at the openings.
  7. Sew the two ends of the elastic together to create a continuous circle at the top of the shirt. Close the rest of the open fabric tunnel.
  8. Using the off-cut from the bottom of the shirt in Step 3, trim the off-cut into a rectangular piece. Then pin and sew one of the raw edges down with a 0.5cm seam allowance.
  9. Set your sewing machine to its longest stitch length and on the opposite raw edge, sew two rows of stitching. This will be used to gather the fabric.
  10. Grab two threads from the same side and gently pull the fabric to gather until you will have the same width of the upper part where you will sew the ruffle on.
  11. Once you have gathered the whole strip, you will end up with a long continuous ruffle.
  12. Pin and sew the raw edge of the ruffle onto the shirt. You’ll need to flip the ruffle so it’s on the wrong side, and point to the top of the skirt, and then once sewn down flip it back so the gathers and seams are all hidden. 
  13. For me the top was a little bit to wide. To tighten the top I designed a 4×4 hole lacing at the back.  First I marked, where should be the holes for the lacing and I went to a shoemaker and asked to add some eyelets. Then I bought at the craft shop a satin ribbon in the same color of the top and I treaded the ribbon crosswise into the eyelets. At the end I closed it with a big loop.


Ready is the easy DIY one-shoulder top!!!



DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts  DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts


To be honest the heat in Gran Canaria is rising fast. With the high humidity is it almost unbearable, and it keeps on going. If we have to carry on like this, we gonna need more summery clothes, for sure. Thats why my next outfits will be more summery, light and airy. I will keep you posted, when they coming up, here. Maybe it helps to inspire you.


But first of all, have fun while making your DIY One-Shoulder Top 😉 ! 


Loads of love



DIY One-Shoulder Top Made Of A Mens Shirts


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Pics by Dein Glücksmoment
Styling by Look2ocean and Styleconsulting Gran Canaria

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