How To Style Unwashed Hair

Today I have some useful tips on how to style unwashed hair!

Last time when I was at FRDK Hair Salon to get makeup and hair styling for our latest shooting, I had unwashed hair, because I had absolutely no time to wash it. But luckily we had the spontaneous idea to take some photos during the styling and use my unwashed hair to prepare a special article for my blog about “How To Style Unwashed Hair”.


How To Style Unwashed Hair

How To Style Unwashed Hair


Yes, I know the struggle is real when it comes to washing your hair once a day. We all know that washing your hair every day is one of the worst “hair care” tips ever told, but we also know that sometimes having unwashed, unkempt hair can be quite disgusting. So, what’s we have to do? Here are some of my favorite hairstyling tips on how to style unwashed hair and keep your look fresh, which gave me Frederick and Tom of  FRDK Hair Salon during the styling.


How To Style Unwashed Hair  How To Style Unwashed Hair


Here you go…check out the best tips of a professional hairstylist:


1. Brush it correctly

A huge mistake made on unwashed hair is to brush it with a normal plastic hairbrush with widely-separated bristles, if your hair is at all “dirty”.  

Natural bristle brushes, on the other hand, helps to clean and style the unwashed hair. In addition, you can save a lot of shampoo, because you can reduce the hair washing with daily brushing. The dirt and grease are brushed out – the hair is fresh and clean again. Correct brushing offers the hair and scalp the most natural and optimal care and protection!


How To Style Unwashed Hair  How To Style Unwashed Hair


2. First, Dry Shampoo is Literally a Lifesaver

You use dry shampoo, don’t you? If you don’t, you need to start! Dry shampoo is one of the best ways to keep up your haircare in between washes. So you can stall the washing of the hair. Frederick has used the Dry Shampoo Pillow Proof Two Day Extender from Redken. It brings the hair in perfect condition, even after more than a whole day without washing. It absorbs the oil and prolongs the freshness of the hair and it is extremely good and fresh-smelling. It corrects a messy look into a well styled hairstyle and gives the hair a voluminous texture. Spray the dry shampoo on the hairline and massage it well, then blow the hair to get the desired shape of your hairstyle. 


How To Style Unwashed Hair  How To Style Unwashed Hair


3. Braids And Buns Everywhere!

For all the girls with long hair, try experimenting with as many different braid or bun varieties as you can – french, classic, side, high and low…anything! If you have short hair, fear not! There are plenty of options also for you. Especially with short hair the conditions are optimal, because short hair doesn’t seem so greasy. 


As you can see at the shots below, you don’t recognized that the hair isn’t washed.


How To Style Unwashed Hair  How To Style Unwashed Hair



4. Unwashed Hair? Take it easy…!

One of my favorite hairstyling tips when it comes to unwashed hair? Take it easy and bring out the best! You can’t change it anyway. Maybe you woke up late, overslept and you don’t have time to wash the hair. But a messy hairstyle can also be sexy. Acknowledge that you woke up like this. Just spritz a little dry shampoo and give your hair a quick fluff, and then walk out there with confidence.


How To Style Unwashed Hair


5. Always good to have a professional hairdresser by your side. 

First the hairstylist needs solid technical skills and a strong understanding of the business side of beauty with many experience and always open for the newest and trendiest styles and technics in color and cut. 

Customize the work of every client. Important that he understands the esthetics of its work so the hair suits the client’s facial features and shape.

Last but not least, being flexible with the clients. Flexibility is not usual but being flexible will make stand out from the rest.



How To Style Unwashed Hair


Happy that I found my favorite hairstylist. I can say that both, Frederick and Tom, have all of these skills. 

In this sense, a big thank you to Frederick and Tom of FRDK Hair Salon for always understanding my matters and doing their best. 


1000 Kisses



Pics by Look2:ocean and Tom of FRDK
Text by Look2:ocean

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